Bring Big Body Play Into Your Kid’s Day

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Boisterous, physical activity for young children has always been known for muscle growth, coordination, and balance. But, with an increased awareness among parents and educators about the importance of intentional play for children, big body play is beginning to get the spotlight it has deserved for years in child development conversations.

Once simply brushed aside with generic (and frequently derogatory) terms such as “rough housing” or “burning off energy,” parents, educators, and child development experts are starting to really understand the importance of vigorous, full body, high energy play in a child’s development.

Big body play is…

Big body play helps children learn to take and assess risks, regulate their movement, play cooperatively, communicate (both verbally and non-verbally), and learn their physical limits. And, it comes naturally to kids!

Running, jumping, spinning, rolling… these are all examples of big body play. Wrestling and rough-housing, those often seemingly annoying in-house activities, are actually vital to a child’s development, albeit at different levels for children of different natures.

Big body play, incorporated into preschool and kindergarten classrooms, has been linked to faster and better learning, lower levels of anxiety among children, and lower rates of behavioral issues.

While the spring months bring more opportunities for easily accessible big body play, winter and summer months often require more creativity on the part of parents and teachers to ensure that children gets plenty of vigorous play opportunities.

Fortunately, one playspace in Frisco, keenly aware of the importance of big body play for young children and designed with this kind of vigorous, energetic activity at the forefront, makes big body play easily accessible for parents in all kinds of weather.

Angela Holt, the owner of Jungle Joe’s, has active children herself, as well as a niece and nephew with special needs. Before the birth of Jungle Joe’s, Angela just knew that the time had come to leave her realtor work in California behind to re-focus on her original degree: special needs education. Angela says… 

My passion for child development lies at the heart of Jungle Joe’s, a place where all kids can exercise, run, jump, climb, crawl, spin, and tumble to their hearts’ content. No furniture, drapery, or tabletop “casualties” here!”

Jungle Joe’s makes access to their programs easy by offering a Parent’s Night Out every second Friday and Saturday night of the month, from 4pm – 10:00pm (in April, this will happen on the 13th and the 14th). What a great date night!

When Lifestyle Frisco readers mention this article, they’ll even receive a FREE HOUR of childcare off of the 2-hour minimum!

Haven’t visited Jungle Joe’s yet? Check it out as a family during the Easter Egg Hunt on March 30th at 2pm or take advantage of the Mother’s Day special with half-price admission for every child visiting with his or her mother.

You could give your children (and other parents!) the gift of several hours of big body play with a Jungle Joe’s birthday package. And, by mentioning this article and booking before March 30th, you’ll receive $100 of any package through the end of the 2018 (promo code: 100STYLE).

So save your sofa this summer and provide your kids with lots of opportunities for necessary big body play during the heat with Jungle Joe’s events, summer camps, and birthday parties.

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