Brazilian Steakhouse Estilo Gaúcho in Frisco Offers Incredible Dining Experience

If you enjoy eating quality food and a lot of it, you need to check out Estilo Gaúcho. Located in across from the Stonebriar mall, this Brazilian Steakhouse is serving up 16 prime cuts of meat and all of the sides you could ever want to go along with it.

The best part? The food only stops coming when you say “when.” In fact, you are given a card upon arrival and when flipped over to green, which means “bring on the feast!” Almost instantly you are greeted by waiter after waiter, all carrying various cuts of meat and ready to carve you off a slice right there at your table. Whether you like your meat rare to medium well, they have you covered.

To go with your main course of meat, meat, and more meat, are an almost endless choice and buffet of sides. Side dish choices include mashed potatoes, garnishes, fried polenta, cheese bread, assorted green salads, garden fresh vegetables, imported cheeses, cured meats, unique condiments and dressings. There is something for everyone and all very fresh!

Last but certainly not least on the menu, comes dessert! And trust me, you will want to save some room for this. Choose from homemade flan, roasted pineapple, chocolate mousse cake, key lime pie, vanilla cheesecake supreme, papaya cream, and creme brulee. The papaya cream is my recommended choice by far. It’s a cool, sweet, and very refreshing way to end the meal!

Not only does Estilo Gaúcho provide a deliciously satisfying menu, but their service is second to none. The staff is incredibly polite, courteous, and attentive throughout the duration of your meal. They ensure that every time you are returning to your seat, someone is there to pull your chair out for you. There is never a dirty or old dish on your table. Your water glass is always full. When you are ready to bring on the meat, they are ready and at your table ready to serve it. If you are running low on anything, more if brought or offered immediately to you.

Take my word for it and try out Estilo Gaúcho Brazilian Steakhouse! And word to the wise: be sure to go hungry!

11AM – 2PM

Monday-Thursday 5PM – 10PM
Friday 5PM – 10:30PM
Saturday 4:30PM – 10:30PM
Sunday 1PM – 9PM

In front of Stonebriar Mall
8650 State Highway 121
Frisco, TX 75034

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