Boutique Shopping in Downtown Frisco

I’ll admit it… I am man that likes to shop.  Plus, I live in a house full of women, so shopping is always hot topic. Fortunately, Frisco has a lot of everything… car washes, stand alone ER’s, bars, restaurants, and of course, shopping of all types.

Yes, Best Buy, Target, and Stonebriar Mall are a few of the big stores that come to mind when you think of shopping in Frisco. But what about the little shops?

Those quaint stores you walk by on a Saturday afternoon stroll that are locally owned and operated. The niche shops where you’ll find that completely unique art piece to hang in the dinning room, or that wedding dress that you saw once in a magazine and pictured in your mind but couldn’t find anywhere.

Frisco has unique boutiques too, and they’re a part of the growth and revitalization old downtown. Just across the railroad tracks is the epicenter of Frisco’s heritage, and it’s becoming more of a place to be than a place to drive through.

Let’s take a look at some of the local shops in downtown Frisco and see what they have to offer:

The Blushing Bride Boutique

I don’t know much about wedding dress shopping, but I can tell you that my wife hated every second of it. Granted she is not the typical “bride” who wants to try on dress after dress and then more dresses in front of an entourage of people.

She would much rather find one fast, try it on, get fitted, and be done. The Blushing Bride Boutique is exactly the kind of place she would have wanted to visit.

The Blushing Bride is a perfect mix of downtown Dallas shopping with that Frisco hometown feel.  They cary designers like Eddy K, Marisa, Lillian West, and more. They also carry a wide selection for bridesmaids so you can get everything in one place.

While you’re there, take a look at their “Off the Rack” selection where you can find designer bridal gowns on clearance. These dresses will be marked 25%-75% off their full retail price. But be forewarned… they don’t stay long.  

Check out their website to get a list of the gowns in stock.  Owner Shana Lepsis has put together a knowledgable team of stylists and managers that understand how important your day is and are there to help in every way.

The Blue Door Boutique

Owners Glenda McMichael and JoAnn Fritz have put together a unique collection of their favorite things including home accessories, antiques, clothing, gifts, and more at the Blue Door Boutique.

The two friends focused on finding unique items and bringing them together in one place. Shopping various markets across the country, Glenda and JoAnn fill the store with lovelies that you can’t find everyday.

The boutique operates in a building that has been around since the early 1900’s with brick walls and a tin ceiling decorated in blue, and the Blue Door Boutique carries women’s clothes and accessories, children’s clothes, furniture, and unique gifts including made from all recyclables to picture frames and vases.

Perhaps you want one of these rare finds personalized? They can handle that too for $30 and less. You’ll want to make sure to shop in the morning or early afternoon because the store closes at 5:30pm. I imagine as downtown continues to thrive we may see those hours extend.

Bittersweet Ivy

Bittersweet Ivy specializes in women’s clothing of all styles and colors and designs. Plus, with a selection of handbags you’ll never find at the mall, the shop caters to ladies who wish to stand out from a crowd.  Dresses, jeans, and sweaters are a few of the featured and ever-changing items you’ll find.

Bittersweet Ivy has an easy-to-shop website where you can order and have the items shipped anywhere. But, why wouldn’t you want to get out and see all the selections in person? Isn’t that half the fun of shopping?!?!

Twisted Simplicity

The name says it all and the ladies seem to agree. Twisted Simplicity is a shop that carries simple, but off-the-beaten-path, accessories and clothing. They also carry a wide selection of jewelry that is better quality than what you’ll usually find at the mall or some bigger stores, yet it’s all reasonably priced.

Twisted Simplicity is now promoting its summer attire to fly off the racks by offering 20% off most items.  Fall is right around the corner, so get ready for their new line up. With a wide range of attire from work appropriate to weekend wear, Twisted Simplicity is a “must see” place to shop.

So, if you’re looking for some unique shops right in your own hometown, downtown Frisco makes for a great day of shopping.

With these little local shops that are in walking distance from each other, you won’t have to worry about driving all over the place.

Plus, don’t get peckish… Perfect places along the way to stop and get lunch or grab a drink like Eight 11 Place, Manny’s Tex Mex, and Stan’s Main Street.

Make a day of it in Downtown Frisco!