Bottled In Bond – Experience Classic Cocktails and Finer Foods in Frisco

In 1857, the Bottled-In-Bond Act was passed to create a standard of quality for Bourbon Whiskey. Today, many producers consider this act archaic and do not use it, but many still regard it as an indication of Bourbon quality.

That same indication of quality has been adopted both in practice and in name at Frisco’s very own Bottled In Bond Cocktail Parlour.

If you’ve driven down the Tollway, you’ve seen their sign on the southeast corner of The Shops at Starwood. If you’ve never been in, you’ll want to visit after this.

When Bottled In Bond extended an invitation to the Lifestyle Frisco team to come in for a Happy Hour, we jumped at the opportunity. The environment is a perfect blend of old-world charm, as you would expect from the heritage of the name, but with the polish of a modern establishment.

If ever there was a Speakeasy for the 21st century, this is it.

Pull up a seat at the dark, hardwood bar that the runs the length of the restaurant, order your favorite classic cocktail, and sink into the feeling that you could be on the set of a Humphrey Bogart movie.

For your first cocktail of the night, we recommend the classic Manhattan. A perfect blend of rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters topped with a maraschino cherry.

In the back, Executive Chef Colleen O’Hare is cooking up some of the most amazing savory snacks in town. Try the Potato Cheddar Beignets… they’ll melt in your mouth and are perfect for sharing.

If you’re a little more hungry, the Chicken Biscuits might be just the thing.

Yes, this is comfort food, but comfort food at it’s finest.

From either end of the restaurant, Bottled In Bond feels bigger than it is. The long room gives the sense that the bar could go on and on, yet maintains a sense of intimacy and is perfectly on brand.

Behind the Bar

But a bar is so much more than just the food and drinks they serve. It’s the people behind the bar that create its culture.

Owner Jasin Burt has a charming demeanor that will make anyone feel welcome. On the right night, you’ll find him behind the bar mixing drinks. But you’ll also find him on the floor ensuring everything is running smoothly and his guests are happy.

General Manager Lauren “Lou” Gebhardt is as friendly as they come and is as much a hospitality professional as we’ve met. Her attentiveness and desire to make sure everyone was well taken care of did not go unnoticed during our visit.

Now that you’ve had a bite to eat and made a few friends, it’s time for another cocktail.

Try the Vieux Carre. Think of a Manhattan but with the added chemistry of Cognac, Benedictine, and an orange peel. And we’re getting hungry again so let’s dig into those Chicken Biscuits.

The Lifestyle Frisco team stayed well into the night for a Tuesday. Ok, 10:30pm, but we did have to work the next day! Still, the Bottled In Bond team was there taking care of us ’til we waved goodbye.

When I asked Jasin why he chose Frisco, he told me:

My goal was to open a niche concept that offers a progressive cocktail program paired with great food in a casual, somewhat upscale-intimate atmosphere. When my wife and I began searching for our first house to buy 4 yrs ago, Frisco offered the ideal home and that’s when we realized it would be a perfect fit for the concept as well.

We never anticipated the growth we’ve witnessed over the years but we’re excited to be part of it.

Enjoy the Finer Things…Without Pretense

This much we know. Bottled In Bond is unique in Frisco and is a go-to night spot. Great food, amazing classic era drinks, live music on Thursday nights, an atmosphere that’s all it’s own, and the kind of service that keeps you coming back.

Whether you’re looking for a date night spot to impress or a place to belly-up by yourself, at Bottled In Bond you’ll find a place built for those who enjoy the finer things without pretense.

Whether it’s the passion poured into every drink, or the hand-crafted care that’s served up with every savory bite, the soul of Bottled In Bond is built into everything they do.

Our team had a great time, so if you want to meet with anyone from Lifestyle Frisco, Bottled In Bond will be a good place to hang out and meet up!

Have you been to Bottled In Bond yet? Tell us what you think below. If you haven’t, the weekend is upon us, so it’s time for a trip!

Monday through Sunday from 4pm – late

Shops at Starwood
5285 Dallas Parkway, Suite 420, Frisco, TX  75034