Blooming Tree Photography – A Growing Family Business in Frisco

As I network for business in the Frisco area, I’ve came across many wonderful women. Their stories inspire me to continue my journey of growing myself, pursuing my passions with health and wellness, and looking inward to what value I bring to the table.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose when it comes to hair stylists, massage therapists or, in this case, photographers because there are so many to choose from! So, where do you start?

Even in my business, as a distributor for a marketing company, you have to be unique to stand out. One of the things I do is a mini interview, or a 1:1 as we call it in the networking world. I do NOT meet with people to see what I can sell them. My goal is to get to know them, find out what’s their passion for their business, and learn about them as a person. Someone I’ve gotten to know recently is Jessica Berry, founder and owner of Blooming Tree Photography.

When Jessica had her daughter, she wanted to capture every little feature and all the milestones that happened as her daughter grew. In doing taking those pictures herself, she found a passion for newborn photography and took the initiative to learn the proper way to pose the body and make sure the baby was completely safe and comfortable at all times.

I can’t say enough that I love what I do, and I love getting to share my passion with so many amazing families.”

Jessica came up with the name of Blooming Tree Photography because she is all about building family trees and watching them grow… a blooming tree of life came to mind and there she had it. The perfect name! Blooming Tree Photography offers newborn, baby, children and family portraits, and memories that last generations.

Jessica lives in Frisco so she can shoot outdoors pretty much year-round. Most family and maternity sessions are done on location in the DFW metroplex in places where families go for picnics. There are a few spots that are her favorites, and she specializes in the natural elements or the way the light is just before sunset.

If the weather is warm enough, she will venture outside with newborns for a shoot.

To see them so peaceful, nestled in a basket along with some flowers or greenery, plus the soft natural light makes an amazing portrait to be cherished for years.”

Jessica welcomes the opportunity to work with pediatric and obstetric healthcare professionals to showcase their patients or their specialty in their offices. Customized art creates a warm and inviting environment in the waiting area which shows how much the practice cares about it’s patients.

One thing that caught my eye about Jessica was her adorable business cards, each with a photograph of a newborn she had taken. Jessica says,

I would love to continue to connect with moms and families who are looking to preserve a special moment in their family’s life. Newborn photography is definitely my passion and I take what I do seriously.”

The desire for custom photography speaks volumes to Jessica about her client’s values. Anyone can take a mobile phone picture of their child or family, but Jessica believes everyone should have family portraits displayed in their home. Unfortunately, most of us put this off too long, and children grow up so fast!

Jessica includes a canvas or a large print with all of her photography packages because she wants her clients to have art they’ll display proudly in their home. The entire family should be able to walk into a room where it’s hanging and smile remembering that moment in time, a memory of that time in their lives that’s always embedded in their heart.

Extensive thought and care are in every one of my sessions to create a unique and memorable experience. The art that’s created during my sessions allows my clients to add personal expression to their homes. Adding warmth tha makes you feel good when you see the image of your children laughing. A family all snuggled together, or a tiny baby all curled up sleeping peacefully. That’s what I do best!”

Studies have been done on the effects of family photography and children’s level of self esteem. Jessica says that when children see themselves in a family unit, it gives them a sense of value and lets them know they are safe and protected and that they belong. Jessica strives to provide that security as a photographer, not only to the people she works with, but for her own family as well.