The Best Burger in Frisco, Texas – 2015 Readers’ Choice Award


Who really makes the best burger in Frisco? We asked this question for the first time last year and were a little overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to answer.

And with all of the new places opening up it seems a fair question to ask every year. So for 2015 we asked again. There are new contenders and old, but the battle for the title of “Best Burger” in Frisco, there can only be one winner.

The results weren’t even close, but before we get there… here’s how we decided who would make the list.

We asked our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ , “Who makes the best burger in Frisco?” We then took the 10 burger joints with the most mentions and used them to create our list.

We dropped those 10 into a survey and fired it off to find out who will be Frisco’s Burgermeister for the next year.

It’s worth noting that when we made the original list we hadn’t yet heard about Stan’s, which raised a lot of questions among Frisconians. They get our honorable mention, because Frisco clearly loves them and we’ll make sure they’re on the list next year.

Several chains made the cut. And while we don’t normally cover chain businesses, our goal was to find the best burger, no matter where it came from.

610 Frisconians responded, so here are the top 10 places to get a burger in Frisco according to YOUR votes.

#10 Gazeebo Burger

One of the new entrants on the list for Frisco, Gazebo received 1.5% of the vote. They make a great burger and will likely grow in popularity as the construction around them continues to boom. If you haven’t visited them yet be sure to add them to your Frisco Burger Bucket-List!

6801 Warren Pkwy
Frisco, TX 75034

#9 Randy’s Steakhouse

Randy’s Steakhouse is a bit of Frisco History and a true gem in Frisco. With 1.6% of the vote they moved up a notch from #10 last year. Hopefully that means more of you have been paying them a visit and trying the burger because it is a good one!!!

Randy’s Steakhouse
7026 W Main St
Frisco, TX 75033

#8 Fuddruckers (tied with Aces)

Nationally known, Fuddruckers received 2.5% of the vote. They make a hefty burger that never goes wrong. If you’re in the mood for a big, meaty burger and you’re near Stonebriar Mall, pay Fuddruckers a visit.

2947 Preston Rd
Frisco, TX 75034

#8 Aces Ice House & Chop Shop (Tied with Fuddruckers)

Also pulling 2.5% of the vote, Ace’s is one of the new entrants to this years poll. I’ve had this burger several times and it one of the tastiest in town. The angus beef burger hits the spot everytime and the casual atmosphere is a great place for a bite and a beer or to catch the game. Gourmet Casual sums it up well.

Ace’s Ice House & Chop Shop
9250 Dallas Pkwy #130,
Frisco, TX 75034

#6 In-and-Out Burger

I have to admit this one continues to surprise us but given how popular In-and-Out is and how many of us are not “native” to the Dallas area maybe it shouldn’t. Either way,  6% of Frisconians decided this burger was it, up from 5.84% last year. In the quick burger category, this is one to try.

In-and-Out Burger
2800 Preston Rd.
Frisco, TX 75034

#5 Smashburger

Holding it’s place from 2014 with 7% of the vote, fast-casual Smashburger is still our #5 favorite burger in Frisco. Their burger is incredibly good and we don’t visit here often enough when in the burger mood. If you haven’t visited them in a while it’s time to do so!

Shops at Starwood
6959 Lebanon Rd #123
Frisco, TX 75034

#4 Scotty P’s

Scotty P’s ia a Frisco institution. But this year the slipped from #3 to #4 in our survey with 11.3% of the vote down from 16.72%. Down a spot or not, they are still the 4th best burger in Frisco according to you and always a good choice when burgers are on the menu for dinner.


Scotty P’s

5110 Eldorado Pkwy
Frisco, TX 75034

4710 Preston Rd #300
Frisco, TX 75034

#3 Jakes Uptown

Moving up with 12.8% of the vote Jake’s Uptown in Frisco moves into the #3 spot. They’re always busy which is no surprise and their patio is one of the best place to enjoy a good burger this time of year in Frisco. When we think of burgers, Jake’s is always top of mind so check them out soon!

Jake’s Uptown
6195 W Main St
Frisco, TX 75034

#2 Mooyah

Racking up 20% of the vote, Mooyah stays in their #2 spot. While we love supporting locally owned businesses that doesn’t get you any points in a burger contest (Mooyah was founded in neighboring Plano) and apparently they don’t need the help. FYI We saw several sources referring to them being headquartered in Frisco but weren’t able to validate that. Either way, they’re keeping us full with great burgers.


5170 W Main St
Frisco, TX 75034

5500 Preston Rd #102
Frisco, TX 75034

#1 Kenny’s Burger Joint

When it comes to their burgers Frisconians like to go all out, so it’s no surprise that Kenny’s Burger Joint ran away for the second year in a row with with 35% of the vote, up 3.5% from last year. We love all of Kenny’s restaurants so it comes as no surprise that we love their burgers as much as we do.

When it came to picking a melt-in-your-mouth, to-die-for burger, Lifestyle Frisco readers showed us again that they know great burgers. If you haven’t already tried Kenny’s, drop everything and go now. You won’t regret it!!!

Kenny’s Burger Joint
1377 Legacy Dr
Frisco, TX 75034


Honorable Mention

When Stan’s didn’t make the cut you guys let us hear it so we’re giving them an honorable mention and will be sure to check them out soon. If you have other favorite burger joints in Frisco let us know in the comments below so we don’t overlook anyone next year.

Stan’s Main Street
7201 Main St.
Frisco, TX 75034