The Best Breakfast Tacos in Frisco

breakfast tacos frisco

Welcome to the great debate…  Which South Texas metropolis invented the breakfast taco?!?  Many claim San Antonio holds that claim to fame while others feel our state capital of Austin holds said distinction. But no matter whether one thinks these bites of morning greatness first came from the Alamo City or from the hometown of the Longhorns, Texans can agree on one thing – breakfast tacos are mighty tasty!

Fortunately, here in Frisco we’re pretty blessed to have a wealth of options to satisfy our breakfast taco cravings, so let’s look at some options:


8621 5th Street

Fifth Street Patio Café has all sorts of random greatness on its breakfast menu, like “Captain Crunch French Toast” and “Bananas Foster French Toast,” but my appetite was squarely focused on how their breakfast tacos stacked up to others around town.

Well, they’re pretty great. An order of two tacos with your choice of bacon or sausage with eggs and cheese inside a flour tortilla does costs $7.49, but these breakfast tacos are hearty and full of fresh, tasty ingredients. Plus, they come with home fries making this a fully satiating meal. Fifth Street clearly has plenty of other tempting choices on its breakfast menu to entice diners, but their breakfast taco game is definitely a viable option here in Frisco.


SW corner of Warren and Legacy

Black Walnut Cafe is relatively new to Frisco and they offer a full breakfast menu much of which is only available until 11 AM during the week but is served until 4 PM on weekends. Fortunately, their breakfast tacos are on the portion of the breakfast menu with omelets and other morning favorites which are served all day.

At $3 each, Black Walnut’s tacos come with a choice of bacon, spicy sausage, or ham served with eggs and cheese. Customers also have the option of choosing corn or flour tortillas and are served with a side of Black Walnut’s red salsa.  Trust me, they’re more than worth a try.

Their salsa is spicy, flavorful, and definitely adds something extra to their already fantastic breakfast tacos with just a tiny touch of back heat. I had never been to Black Walnut Cafe before trying their breakfast tacos, but considering how delicious those were, I’ll be back to try some other breakfast faves in the future.


6733 Main Street

Opened in 1999, the Depot Cafe is a popular breakfast spot in downtown Frisco which also happens to offer eight different varieties of breakfast tacos. Bacon, bean, chorizo, ham, potato, roast beef, and sausage along with egg and cheese, patrons can also go simple and order an egg-and- cheese breakfast taco.

During the week, the Depot Cafe is closed on Mondays, stays open only until 2:30 PM all other days, and closes at 1:30 PM on Sundays. However, they are open from 5:00 to 8:30 PM on Friday nights for dinner. Oh, and the price of their breakfast tacos… How does $2.79 apiece sound? Both affordable and tasty. The Depot Cafe serves its entire menu, both breakfast and lunch, all day long… Score!


Multiple Locations

Fuzzy’s rates high for serving breakfast all day. As for their lineup of breakfast tacos, they appear to be the only option in Frisco for a shrimp breakfast taco, a quite tasty option.

The usual fillings of bacon, chorizo, and potato are also offered in either a corn or a flour tortilla with eggs and cheese. Those who order Fuzzy’s regular tacos will be happy to know their breakfast tacos include regular cheese not the feta cheese which is featured in their non-breakfast offerings. Fuzzy’s also offers breakfast burritos and the usual breakfast staples like “Huevos Rancheros” and the like.

But the fact they serve their entire breakfast menu all day, along with the fact that their breakfast tacos, like their tacos in general, are delectable, puts them fairly high in the Frisco breakfast taco pecking order.


9828 Dallas Parkway

Rudy’s rates highly for their consistently delicious breakfast tacos which are only served until 11 AM. Customers can choose between bacon, beans, brisket, chorizo, potato, and sausage (regular or jalapeno) to accompany their eggs in a flour tortilla plus optional cheese.

As anyone who has attempted to get breakfast tacos in Frisco during a weekend can attest, the one location of Rudy’s in Frisco (just north of Main Street on the Tollway) can get quite busy, but there is an alternative to waiting in line. Just inside the entrance to the general store, there’s an area where customers can get breakfast tacos already made, pay for them at the nearby register, and quickly be out the door and on their way.

Of course, if Rudy’s is busy, then that collection of pre-made tacos might be depleted and one might have to get in line anyway. But it’s a small price to pay for what are some of the best breakfast tacos in town.


7227 Main Street

Not to be confused with the Rudy’s above, Rudy’s Kitchen is located inside the Chevron on Main, right across the street from Stan’s Main Street. Rudy’s Kitchen is all about two things – fresh and homemade Mexican food. You can see the employees making the tortillas from scratch behind the person taking your order at the window in the back of the Chevron convenient store.

For breakfast, Rudy’s Kitchen has potato and egg, chorizo and bean, and several other varieties of breakfast tacos. I had one potato and egg and one chorizo and bean and both were absolutely delicious.

Rudy’s Kitchen also has a wide array of street tacos for lunch, including shredded beef, which comes with the requisite cilantro and onion. Even though it was breakfast time, I tried one of those and have to say Rudy’s Kitchen has some of the best street tacos I’ve tasted.


NE corner of Warren and Legacy

The only downside associated with Taco Ocho’s scrumptious breakfast tacos is that they’re only available between 8 AM and 11 AM during the week. However, Taco Ocho serves breakfast from 9 AM to 3 PM on weekends which more than makes up for it.

As for their breakfast tacos, Taco Ocho only offers three varieties – bacon, chorizo or potato, or egg and cheese. Customers can choose between flour or corn tortillas, and at only $2.25 per taco, these things are a steal. That’s because Taco Ocho isn’t stingy with its ingredients and the result is a tasty and satisfying taco. Plus, if you’re not in the mood for breakfast tacos, Taco Ocho also serves Huevos Rancheros, migas, and a breakfast burrito.