The Best BBQ In Frisco

As Frisco has continued to grow in recent years, the barbecue scene has grown accordingly. Gone are the days where there were just one or two options to satisfy the barbecue cravings of Frisco residents. Today, there’s something for every different taste.

HUTCHINS BBQ (Editors Pick)

9225 Preston Road

Hutchins has its roots in Princeton, TX, in 1978 when founder Roy Hutchins started Roy’s Smokehouse. Roy’s eventually turned into Hutchins’ first location in McKinney at Highway 380 and Tennessee Street which remains a BBQ institution to this day for good reason.

The Hutchins in Frisco is home to their catering operation and isn’t open often to the public: 11am – 3pm Wednesday through Saturday and 5pm – 9pm on Fridays. Their hours might be a bit odd, but their menu is top notch.  Hutchins offers the usual staples of brisket (sliced and chopped), chicken, ham, pulled pork, sausage (hot links and jalapeno cheddar sausage), St. Louis Style ribs, and turkey.

They also have you covered on all sides… two types of pinto beans, green beans, macaroni and cheese, along with cole slaw and potato salad.  For dessert, Hutchins has two great peach cobbler and banana pudding.

Oh, and if you want to get some BBQ to-go, they have a separate window for to-go orders inside which can spare you from having to wait in a line. Even with its quirky hours of operation, Hutchins is top-notch BBQ and it’s definitely worth the bit of planning it takes to sample their incredible food.


Multiple Locations

Dickey’s scores major points for being in business since 1941. In fact, their original location, on Central Expressway in Dallas, is still open. Sure, Dickey’s is chain BBQ, which for some strange reason carries with a big stigma with many, but Dickey’s has plenty of options including brisket, chicken, turkey, pulled pork, sausage (regular and jalapeno), ham, and pork ribs.

As for sides, Dickey’s serves the staples like baked beans, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and slaw. Dickey’s creates a variety of sandwiches, including a standard size, their bigger size, and the “Westerner,”which includes two kinds of meat and cheese.  Their baked potatoes can be topped with pretty much any of the meats Dickey’s has on its menu. Cobbler and pecan pie desserts are also a can’t-miss at Dickey’s.


9828 Dallas Parkway

Rudy’s holds one distinction as the only Frisco barbecue spot which serves breakfast and their breakfast tacos are simply stellar. But Rudy’s clearly earns its bones with its barbecue and their menu has a little bit of everything.

Choose from three types of brisket (chopped, lean and moist) as well as chicken, ham, pork loin, pulled pork, ribs (pork and Baby Back), sausage (regular and jalapeno), and turkey. Rudy’s makes sandwiches, sells its meats by the pound, and also serves up baked potatoes topped with your choice of meat. On Fridays and Saturdays, Rudy’s offers Prime Rib and Peppered Tenderloin, two popular dishes they often run out of.

The sides on the Rudy’s menu also run the gamut with everything from beans to creamed corn to potato salad. Rudy’s also has several delicious desserts including banana and chocolate pudding and cobbler.


3623 Preston Road

Like Dickey’s, Spring Creek has been around a while serving DFW for over 30 years. Spring Creek offers a great selection of barbecue, including brisket, chicken, ham, pulled pork, ribs, sausage (regular and black pepper) and turkey.

Spring Creek has a variety of sandwiches, dinner specials, and they also sell meats by the pound. Diners can order a baked potato with any choice of meat to top it off. One unique item on its menu is the “Carolina Pulled Pork” which features pulled pork marinated in a mustard-based sauce prevalent in the Carolinas, the hotbed of pulled pork.

Sides are the standards…  green beans, macaroni and cheese, pinto beans, potato salad, and Spring Creek even offers salads as a side item. Plus, for those who dine in, they also offer fresh bread which is delivered table-side.  As for dessert, Spring Creek has several varieties of cobbler, pie, and pudding.


Various Locations

For several years, the Stutterin Pig was a staple outside the Home Depot at Eldorado Parkway and the Dallas North Tollway. While they are no longer there, they are selling their top-notch BBQ at Frisco Square.

If you’re craving meat, (and let’s admit it, who isn’t) then ask for the “Big Nasty,” a sandwich with a righteous mix of chopped brisket and jalapeno sausage on a bun. But wait, Stutterin Pig isn’t done there. Once they put the top bun on the sandwich, they add some more meat for good measure. And at only $6.50, the price is definitely right for the Big Nasty.

Their brisket is as moist as I’ve tasted and their jalapeno sausage has a little back heat to it but a nice overall flavor. They’re unsure where they will appear next, so check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed @TheStutterinPig to get the latest updates on where they’ll pop up next.

If you like hidden gems, The Stutterin Pig is up your alley and you just might taste what many think is the best BBQ in town.


4226 Preston Road

3 Stacks is the most upscale bar-b-que joint on this list, but that’s not a bad thing. Sure, their prices are a bit higher than your average BBQ, but trust me you will taste the difference. 3 Stacks offers numerous meat options like brisket (chopped and sliced), pulled pork, sausage (black pepper and jalapeno cheddar), and turkey.

But they also are the only establishment in town to offer “burnt ends,” which come either normal or Kansas City-style marinated in sauce. Another eye-catching item on their menu is the “Giant Beef Rib,” a monument to meat goodness that would make Fred Flintstone salivate.

Start your meal off with some appetizers like fried pickles, cheese fries and queso with brisket. If you’re not going with a BBQ plate, try any one of their sandwiches… a burger, a Carolina-Style Pulled Pork Sandwich, a Brisket Cheesesteak, or a BBQ Cuban. 3 Stacks’ side items are far from ordinary as well, with everything from Six Cheese Mac and Cheese to Sauteed Green Beans and Cabernet Mushrooms being offered.

3 Stacks also scores some big points for offering tacos, stuffed with your choice of brisket, pulled pork, or Mahi-Mahi. And if you still have room for dessert after all this eating, 3 Stacks makes a mean banana pudding, blackberry cobbler, a brownie, and pecan pie.


3401 Preston Road

With the word “Voodoo” being in its name, a logical assumption is that this chain has its origins in one of two places.  And since Voodoo BBQ and Grill isn’t based in Haiti, it makes sense that it has its roots in New Orleans.

Voodoo is a fusion between barbecue and Cajun food. On the barbecue side, menu items include chicken (jerk, smoked), pulled pork, and ribs. But Voodoo might do its best work on the Cajun side with its gumbo, jambalaya, Po’ Boys, Red Beans and Rice, and the like.

Voodoo also offers burgers, or “burgahs” as it calls them, in addition to a wide array of sandwiches. Their side items are wicked with a corn pudding, greens, and a sweet potato soufflé.  Add on some of their tasty cornbread with the barbecue and Cajun items for an out-of-this-area meal.