Belly Up to the Barre3 in Frisco Square

With equal focus on balance, strength, and flexibility, the latest and greatest “bar” workout has opened in Frisco today… Barre3.  Low impact dynamic movement designed to energize and elevate heart rate, Barre3 workouts incorporate sequences that create the strength of an athlete with the long, lean, graceful lines of a dancer.

Benefits include:

As dancers know, the ballet barre is a wonderful prop designed to support the body in both static and dynamic movement leading to long, lean muscles.  Barre3 evolves the dancer’s workout by combining the grace of the ballet barre with the wisdom of yoga and the strength of Pilates.

Barre3 instructors set classes to an upbeat soundtrack and follow a vigorous pace moving through postures designed to shape and lift the entire body.  Isometric holds align and strengthen, and when combined with small range of motion, you’re getting deep into your muscles until failure creating lasting change in muscle to fat ratios.

And, we all know it’s easier to fit exercise into your life when you can bring the kids.  Barre3 offers a Play Lounge starting at the age of 6 weeks and up to age 8, and reservations are highly recommended.

Wear yoga-like attire and bring a water bottle.  They have filtered water and supply all props including a Barre3 core ball, light weights, yoga strap, Pilates mat, and of course a ballet barre.  No previous experience required, and Barre3 classes make everyone welcome and successful.  New clients should plan to arrive 15 minutes early to get a tour and meet the instructor.

So, here’s my assessment of the class I took…

My gluteus are sore, my arms are beat and my legs are pooped.  If you’ve already checked out the new Barre3 studio in Frisco, then you know what I’m feelin!

I headed out to a class this opening week of Barre3.  After being on a waitlist for a day and half, I got the email 12 hours before the class telling me I was in – I was so pumped!  I’ve never done any kind of barre class, but I’ve always wanted to try it out. Perhaps I haven’t completely let go of that childhood dream of one day becoming a graceful ballerina…

When I first arrived to the studio, I was surprised by how open, airy and clean the front was.  I was greeted by many friendly faces welcoming me to the studio and got the tour of the place. I was shown around and then into the studio to get set up.  I was told “since it’s your first time, you might want to go with the 1 or 2 lbs.”  I mean, I workout, so I just couldn’t imagine picking up anything less than 5 lbs.  But, I tried to listen to the warning and settled on the 2 lbs (a decision I would regret just 20 minutes later when my shoulders started burning and I was trying to pull a Maltilda and levitate some 1 lbs weights my way).

My instructor was Tammy and she is amazing!  She went around the room and introduced herself individually to everyone before class got started.  It made you feel even more welcome, less intimidated by this new workout routine, and like you already belonged at Barre3.  At first, I had a fear that the class would be a little too Zumba for my taste (I don’t do well with too much perkiness while I’m sweating), but I was happily proven wrong.  Tammy pumped you up to keep going, but without crossing over into military commands.

For anyone who hasn’t been to a barre class, let me break it down for you.  In the class, you make mostly small, intentional movements.  For example, at one point you are facing the bar, with your hands on the bar, and you are down in a squat position.  Instead of the normal standing to bending motion, you move an inch up and down for what feels like hours.  These small, constrained movements kill!  They tire your muscles out for ultimate strength building and fat burning.

I made three wrong moves that I welcome you to learn from.  The first you already know, grab the lighter weights.  Second, try to stay hydrated all day.  I didn’t drink a lot of water all day, so my muscles were naturally more tired than they should have been. And, with Tammy cheering me on, I wanted to keep up!  And lastly, I made the silly choice to squeeze in a quick run before I went to class.  If it’s your first time at a barre class, save your muscle strength!  I was pooped and wishing I had skipped the pre workout cardio.

All in all, I had a great time at Barre3!  It was fun to mix up my dull workout routine.  I left with my muscles tired, but also feeling energized. Everyone I met at the studio was friendly and informative, an overall beautiful experience.

So, ready to join?  The entire Barre3 staff is excited to have you!  Friend them on Facebook to get the latest updates on news, events, classes, products, instructors, and offers.  In every Barre3 class, they emphasize having a strong body to help get you through the demands of our busy lives in Frisco.

Barre3 is located in Frisco Square.

Phone: (972) 668-4764

8855 Coleman Boulevard
Frisco, Texas 75034