Bahama Buck’s – Frisco’s Frozen Treat Mainstay

I always keep a spare spoon from Bahama Buck’s in my drawer.  It’s not metal or anything even remotely valuable but, it does change colors and I love that spoon.  Bahama Buck’s is known for more than color-changing spoons, though.  It’s still my favorite thing, but they do have so many different options and flavors that you’ll love.

You may be unfamiliar with Bahama Buck’s, and that’s okay, but Bahama Buck’s is a Frisco frozen treat tradition.  And, like so many great things, Whataburger, Willie Nelson, traffic,  it’s Texas through and through.

Blake Buchanan started it in Lubbock, Texas, in 1990 when he was only 20 years old.  It’s known as the Original Shaved Ice Company and opened its door in Frisco back in April 2012.  Since then, it has slowly become the shaved ice mainstay of Frisco.

Bahama Buck’s is located on Legacy, behind the Target on Eldorado- close to Wakeland High School.  For Friscoians looking for a taste of warmer weather and beaches, you may want to stop by and visit the shop.  It looks like a beach shack complete with tikis and surfboards.

Bahama Buck’s is known for their SNO, or shaved ice, and it’s perfectly light and airy.  Walking in and seeing all the options can be a daunting task but never fear, they have something for everyone.

If you LOVE sweets, especially baked goods, you need to try their Birthday Cake flavor (add cream, it makes all the cakey flavors taste so much better).  If you love Sour Patch Kids and want that in a SNO, try the Key Lime or their seasonal Super Sour Slime.

Some popular flavors for the more-tropical tastes, who are probably waiting for the next heat wave, are Bahama Mama and Jungle Berry.  For those who love fall flavors and everything pumpkin (and maybe 90’s Alt-rock), there’s the Smashing Pumpkin and it’s to die for.

They do sell other things besides SNO.  Most of it is SNO in different ways like one of the more off-the-wall items is the Sno2Throw (it actually originated at their Lewisville shop) which is pre-made snowballs that you can purchase.  They also offer smoothies, lemonade, paradise fruit, seasonal fruits that are covered with Bahama sauce, and Island coffee, which can be hot or cold.

Bahama Buck’s has been in Frisco for a little over a year, but it’s already completed a part of the Frisco community.  They sponsor events and provide shaved ice for things like Spears Elementary Spear-It Sprint and the 27th annual John Weinburg Golf Tournament.

Just keep in mind, the next time you wish for warmer weather you can always just visit your neighborhood Bahama Buck’s and go away on an island adventure.