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Yvonne Brown has been a resident of Frisco for over 8 years having relocated from Ireland with her husband and 2 daughters. With a 20-year background in Corporate Operations & Customer Service Management, she turned her skills to freelance writing, more recently specializing in residential and commercial real estate around North Texas. As a Sr. Contributing Writer, Yvonne also enjoys trying out new restaurants, kid-friendly places to explore and discovering all aspects of Frisco life as it grows. In her spare time, she likes to read, write fiction, run and enjoy the outdoors with her family.

February 12, 2015 couple in window
Feature Articles

19 Options for a Frisco Valentine’s Day

It\'s here again. February 14th is just around the corner, providing an opportunity to celebrate our special significant others....

by Yvonne Brown
January 28, 2015 depot cafe frisco interior deep
Shopping & Services

The Depot Café – Frisco’s Biggest Breakfast Secret

I watched an explosion of comments on Facebook the other day when a friend posted “Brunch at the Depot Café has to be the best...

by Yvonne Brown
January 26, 2015 organized chaos with a twist frisco
Shopping & Services

“Organized Chaos with a Twist” – Frisco Mom Will Help Simplify Life!

Frisco is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. But most of us would agree: Along with enjoying our thriving city...

by Yvonne Brown
January 2, 2015 adventure kids play care
Kids & Family

Adventure Kids Playcare Frisco – Try a Drop-In Childcare Solution

There is an abundance of Daycares, Playschools, Montessori and Mothers Day Out (MDO) programs all over Frisco, but do you find...

by Yvonne Brown
December 17, 2014 cute little shop frisco
Shopping & Services

The Cute Little Shop in Frisco – A Unique Selection of Toys and Gifts

Update: Sadly we learned that The Cute Little Shop closed their physical doors on Jan 5, 2015 but you can still buy from them...

by Yvonne Brown
December 5, 2014 randys steakhouse frisco tx

Randy’s Steakhouse – A Frisco Gem

I envy the residents of downtown Frisco sometimes. Not just for their quaint, picket fence homes, but also for the convenience of...

by Yvonne Brown
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