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Jane Padgett is a retired mom and grandmother who enjoys calling the Dallas area home where she enjoys living near her three daughters and six grandkids. Jane is a fan of all our local sports teams, and never tires of catching a game whether professional or, even better, one of her grandkid's soccer, baseball, lacrosse, or dance events!

January 17, 2020 code authority 2
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Code Authority is Transforming Technology with Passion

Passion. Passion for scaling companies with business transformation technology is what Code Authority is all about. Code...

by Jane Padgett
October 30, 2019 finances
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Frisco, Do You Know How Money Works?

Living an excellent life is a universal goal, and financial security and freedom are among the most important areas of education...

by Jane Padgett
March 19, 2019 home interior

Upgrade, Beautify, and DIY at the Greater Frisco Home and Garden Show

Whether home and garden projects are definitely on your agenda or are still in your dreams, the Greater Frisco Home and Garden...

by Jane Padgett
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