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Brandon Novara moved to Frisco from Michigan in 2010 and at the time was writing for With Frisco being the home of FC Dallas, and Brandon being a huge soccer fan, he knew he found a home. Quickly, Brandon became a member of the DFE (Dallas Football Elite) and currently resides on the council. Brandon is involved with the Frisco Music Scene and currently is working with several artists to bring more music to Frisco.

August 12, 2016 running frisco
Health & Fitness

Get Moving With Frisco Running Company

Like many people in Frisco, we are always looking for ways to stay healthy and in shape. To some it comes pretty easy while...

by Brandon Novara
August 5, 2016 bodarks

Artist Spotlight – The Bodarks

Energetic, fun, blue grass, talented, and just an all around boot-stomping good time. Those are just some of the words used to...

by Brandon Novara
August 2, 2016 frisco pool
Feature Articles

5 Ways To Stay Cool In A Frisco Summer

When I first moved here from Michigan I wasn\'t prepared for how hot the summers could be . Of course anything over 75 felt hot...

by Brandon Novara
July 18, 2016 nerdvana frisco coffee shop
Shopping & Services

@Nerdvana Coffee+Shop in Frisco Square: Caffeine, Games, Good Times

Like many people in Frisco, I love - and sometimes just plain need - a good cup of coffee. Americans spend an average of $13.6...

by Brandon Novara
July 11, 2016 prag padilla

Artist Spotlight Featuring Prag Padilla

After a I got a few of these interview\'s under my belt I realized that I needed to reach out and talk to an artist that has...

by Brandon Novara
June 24, 2016 texashaystack

Burger 21

Pictured above: The Texas Haystack Burger Burger 21 opened it\'s doors in Frisco on Monday January 11th.  Located right...

by Brandon Novara
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