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As a Sr. Contributing Writer, Audra Balsley is a born and raised North Texas native from Carrollton. She recently graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station with degrees in English and Sociology. Aside from writing, Audra enjoys cooking, trying new restaurants, and binge watching as many Netflix movies as possible.

December 23, 2017 security technology
Shopping & Services

Fly into the Future of Home Security – The Flying Locksmiths

Picture this: it\'s raining outside, and you just got home. Obviously, you\'d love to get inside and dry off as soon as possible,...

by Audra Balsley
December 21, 2017
Shopping & Services

Skin Care That’s Anything But Basic – SkinBasix

One of the hardest things about maintaining healthy skin is finding a regimen that works well for you. Everyone\'s skin is...

by Audra Balsley
December 8, 2017 Egg Nog
Health & Fitness

Have Your Eggnog and Eat it Too: Healthy Holiday Recipes

During the holidays, we\'re often surrounded by tons of sweet treats and decadent dishes that can lead to unwanted weight gain....

by Audra Balsley
December 1, 2017 caregiver
Shopping & Services

3 Tips When Interviewing Potential In-Home Caregivers – Homewatch CareGivers

This post is sponsored by Homewatch Caregivers of North Dallas. Making the decision to hire in-home care for your loved one...

by Audra Balsley
November 22, 2017 Holiday Ornaments Organized - Decluttered Spaces
Shopping & Services

Home Organizing Tips for a Happy Holiday Season from Decluttered Spaces

This post is sponsored by Decluttered Spaces Once again, the holiday season is here. That means it’s time for fun-filled...

by Audra Balsley
November 11, 2017 Short Rib Bowl

Healthy Dishes Served Sunny Side UP at UP Inspired Kitchen

\"Where Do You Want to Eat?\" While it seems innocent enough, we all know how complicated a question like this can be. Before...

by Audra Balsley
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