AT&T GigaPower Now Available In Frisco – 1GB Home Internet

I work in technology (this site is a testament to that) so it’s true for me, there is no such thing as enough bandwidth.

If you have a house full of people, surfing Facebook, streaming video, and playing games then you might feel the same way. When Netflix switches to low resolution during the best part of the movie, and you’re ready to scream, it’s time to consider a faster connection.

Get ready to go fast… AT&T has rolled out GigaPower to Frisco.

GigaPower is an extension of the AT&T U-Verse program and uses fiber to deliver internet speeds up to 1GBPS. That’s about 10x faster than our fastest current Time Warner cable speed.

A 1GB connect with AT&T will set you back $110 per month. While not cheap, it’s on par with what we’re paying for the 100MB Time Warner connection and with much faster upload speeds.

What Does All Of That Speed Mean?

In practical terms a full 1GB connect would perform as follows:

You should expect that your speed will vary based on the same factors as with other connections. Yes it will still be slower during peak usage times.

It also means competitive pressure that could see other providers bumping up speed, lowering prices, or both.

Given the modern infrastructure Frisco enjoys we’re overdue for more advanced high-speed internet.

How Do I Get GigaPower?

Jump over to the AT&T GigaPower site to confirm you address is currently in the service area. From there they’ll walk you through signing up and scheduling an install.

Research on real-world reports of install times are all over the place. I’d recommend booking it for a day when you can take the whole day off, or at least work from home.

Speeds may also vary based on location. You might not see a full 1GB out of the gate, but people are reporting close to a full Gig so expectations are high.

If you decide to move to AT&T GigaPower drop us a line in the comments below and let us know how your experience is.