Artist Spotlight: Trey Allen Band

Interviewing people in the music scene has its ups and downs. Sometimes you’ll find that a band or artist doesn’t want to talk to you or they’re very hard to reach. However, when you do have the chance to sit down and talk to one of these talented musicians, it can be a real treat. That’s how I felt when I had the opportunity to sit down with Trey Allen and John Hames of Trey Allen Band. These two guys have a lineup of originals and covers bigger than most full bands, with an energy and sound to match. The duo has been described as indie rock with a mix of blues, a hint of country and a pop influence. They have a broad range of musical influences such as The Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Tom Petty, and Audioslave, as well as current artists like The Lumineers, Mondo Cozmo, and The Black Keys. Over the past several months Trey Allen Band has really started to take off playing live sets all across Dallas, and now in Frisco.

Lifestyle Frisco:  When did the two of you start playing together?

Trey Allen Band: We started playing together in a band called “The Rebellion” back in November 2014. After that, we started Trey Allen Band in March 2017. We’ve always had a natural chemistry between us, though.

LsF: What other bands have you played in before this one?

TAB:  We have both been in some great bands over the years like “The Rebellion” and “Bus Seven” out of Dallas. We also love collaborating with other artists. Currently, we’re working with some artists from LA, North Carolina, and Nashville!

LsF: Speaking of collaborating and making music, is there an album in the works anytime soon?

TAB: Absolutely! We just released an EP this month called “Hard To Find” that can be purchased on iTunes and Spotify, as well as other music sites also. We have also started working on a full band album which is set to be released Summer 2018!

LsF: What are some of your favorite places to play around the DFW area?

TAB: There are so many amazing venues in DFW and some of our favorites that we have played are Gas Monkey, The Prophet Bar, House of Blues and The Frisco Rail Yard. With the music scene growing around town, we look forward to playing at some new places soon as well.

LsF: Playing around Frisco, how have you seen the city embrace local music over the last few years?

TAB: Frisco has become a hotbed for new artists to showcase their talent. The city of Frisco has a growing interest in live music and more and more venues are showing that live music is the future!

LsF: Over the years playing across the country, what is one of the strangest or most unique places you have played?

TAB: One that sticks out was a gig we did in Nashville. We played shows every night for a week for some teenage kids in an old chapel in downtown Nashville a couple of years ago.

LsF: Over the years who have been some of your influences?

TAB: We have a broad range of influences that have helped shape who we are as well as our sound. Even though some of our influences are out of our genre they have 100% expanded our love for music. Artists like Ed Sheeran, Incubus, Chris Cornell, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and Bishop Briggs are some of our favorites.

LsF: What local bands or artists do you like to go see live or listen to these days?

TAB: Wow, so many great musicians and bands are from Dallas and the surrounding area. We love Leon Bridges, Snarky Puppy, Crystal Yates, Sudie and Charlie Crockett. Crystal Yates is an up and coming artist that we always look forward to seeing live. If you haven’t seen her live you need to go check her out. She connects with her audience unlike anyone we’ve seen and it’s so inspirational to us.

After spending some time seeing Trey Allen Band live and talking with them, it’s clear that not only are they talented but they also have a huge love and respect for music and their fellow musicians. If you want to see Trey Allen Band live, they’re performing on Saturday 9/23 starting at 7 pm. For future dates and any other information, you can follow them on Facebook or visit their website