Artist Spotlight: The Usrey Brothers

Over the last several years, I’ve had the privilege of not only seeing great bands, singers, and songwriters play here in Frisco, but being a part of the growing Frisco music scene. Recently, I was talking with a friend of mine and he told me about a duo that he saw and was just blown away by how good they sounded. That duo was The Usrey Brothers.

This was the third time that the name popped up in conversations over the last year so I had to check them out. And now, I can tell you that everyone was right.

The Usrey Brothers bring a raw, rough sound that’s somehow smooth at the same time. With a background in two different generations of country music, Tim, the older brother, leans more towards an “old school” outlaw style like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Pat Green, and Walt Wilkins married to a little bit of Jamey Johnson and Shooter Jennings. Whereas Tanner’s style tends towards Brandon Rhyder, Whiskey Myers, Mickey and the Motor Cars, plus Wade Bowen.

This is country with a southern rock flair. There is no fluff with these guys and their music is who they are. They’ll sit down and have a beer with you in between sets, or after the show, because they love what they do and love people. After some running around, I finally got a chance to catch up with them had a few moments to pick their brains

Lifestyle Frisco:  The first and most obvious question I have to ask is…  Are you guys really brothers?

Usrey Brothers:  Well, we aren’t called The Usrey Brothers for no reason! Yes, we are brothers.

LsF:  How would you describe your music?

UB:  Our music is mix of southern rock, Americana, and Texas red dirt, with a dark and soulful tone. There really is no way to put it in any single category. We just write and play what we feel and what makes us feel something.

LsF:  When did you first start playing music?

UB:  Tim started playing music after seeing a Cross Canadian Ragweed Show while he was in college at OU. Tanner started his senior year in high school. Both of us started playing together when Tanner had only been playing for about 9 months in January 2013.

LsF:  What are some of the local bands and artists that have influenced you or you are currently a fan of?

UB:  We like to take in a little bit from the musicians around us that we like. Right now, we’re fans and friends of Mark Shelton, Joseph Wayne Miller, and Brad Wayne Purdom. You need to check those guys out!

LsF:  What are some of the venues you enjoy playing at?

UB:  All of them! Every opportunity to get on stage is what we live for. There isn’t a venue that we don’t like, but we especially like playing new venues in front of new fans.

LsF:  From a musical stand point, have you noticed the music scene in Frisco growing?

UB:  Hell yeah! Places like Stan’s and The Frisco Railyard have opened things up in Frisco that weren’t there when we started, so yes it has definitely grown and from the looks of it, it isn’t slowing down.

LsF:  How can Frisco continue to grow and develop the music scene?

UB:  Just by coming out and supporting the musicians and the venues that work day in and day out for them. Pretty much just keep on doing what y’all are doing and the people and city will thrive.

LsF:  When can we expect to see an album from The Usrey Brothers?

UB:  We’re exploring options right now and hope to have an EP out by mid-summer or later this year.

If you are looking to see Tim and Tanner live, all you have to do is…

For more information on their upcoming album and concerts, you can go to their Facebook page or listen to them on ReverbNation.