Artist Spotlight: Sophia Annello

One of the great things about writing the Artist Spotlight series is being able to meet many new artists and bands who are adding to the growing music scene in Frisco. Some have expanded careers while others are just getting started.

Sophia Annello is a 17 year old singer-songwriter from Frisco who has been performing in the area for two years, and is definitely positioned for big things. If you’ve been to Eight |11 Place, Manny’s Tex-Mex or Bottled in Bond, chances are you’ve seen Sophia perform. I finally had a chance to talk to catch up with her about music and what her plans are in the future.

Lifestyle Frisco: When did you start playing music?

Sophia Annello: I started playing music at the age of seven. I really started out playing classical guitar, but I wanted to make the change over to pop music (I loved Taylor Swift at the time and wanted to be just like her). So I worked on more pop-like songs while still trying to learn the craft.

I got started playing and singing mainly because my mom was a singer/songwriter herself and wrote her own album (she recorded it before I was born). My whole family is very involved in the arts, both my parents were actors, and my brother loves to sing as well. Mainly because my family had such a love for music, they decided to introduce me to it, and I fell in love with everything about it.

LsF: Do you write your songs or do you co-write with others?

SA:  I write all of my own songs and own all the rights. I love writing, it’s one of my favorite things about music so I spend a lot of time writing my own originals and perfecting them.

LsF: Where are some of the places that you’ve really enjoyed playing?

SA: I really enjoy playing at are Checkered Past Winery in downtown Dallas, Ascension in downtown Dallas, as well and Eight 11 Place on Main Street in downtown Frisco. These are some of my favorite places that I’ve played. I also play at venues such as Bottled In Bond, the Frisco Rail Yard, EJ Wills GastroPub, and more.

LsF: Who are some of the local artists or bands that you’re listening to these days?

SA:  I don’t listen to a ton of local artists (not as much as I would like). I love are Ron Bultongez (a good friend who is on American Idol at the moment), and I really like Trey Allen band and Corina Grove, all of whom are amazing local artists that you should totally check out!

LsF: Do you have any off rituals before you go on stage?

SA: I don’t have any specific rituals. I always just try to remain as calm as possible and warm up right before I go on.

LsF: What are your plans moving forward?

SA: Moving forward, my plans are to audition, and hopefully attend, the Berklee College of Music in downtown Boston. I want to double major in Music Performance and Songwriting. I’ve also auditioned for shows such as America’s Got Talent, which I’m still waiting to here on, and I plan on writing/recording a full-length album before I attend college.

Right now, I’m a junior at Frisco High School and at 17 years old, and I am trying my absolute best to fulfill music responsibilities as well as academic ones at the moment. Hopefully, I’ll achieve most of these goals, but I’m very happy about what I’ve done so far. I’m most proud of my recent EP “Runaway,” which is currently available for purchase on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

You can find out where and when Sophia is playing on her website There, you can see photos, videos, and hear some of her original music.

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