Artist Spotlight: Skinny Is Green

Skinny Is Green

Skinny Is Green is a unique rock band that came from a history of changed names, broken bands, and radical growth. Rav Sitaula originally started the band Nisarga, but after a long hiatus, he got back in the studio and began to experiment with electronic music.

Mixing different tracks and instruments while getting into dubstep, Rav soon found the sound he was looking for. Especially when he began to put guitar riffs to his new beats. This was the sound that became the cornerstone of Skinny Is Green.

Rav Sitaula

Rav released his first song “Under the Moon” and after that a video followed under the name Kattmandu. However the name had to be changed once again due of several other bands with the same name. Immediately, Rav came up with the name Skinny is Green. But, where did the name come from?

That’s actually a funny story. When I was younger, I used to wear an extra-large solid green shirt and my friends said it made me look like a stick. Not a great moment in my life, but it did bring me to the name. Blue was actually my favorite color, but when I was in the 4th grade, our team colors were green.”

Rav explains that the fusion of rock and electronica gives him a endless variety of songs and mixes that can really translate to not only great songs, but fantastic live performances.

Lifestyle Frisco:  How would you describe a Skinny Is Green live show?

Rav Sitaula:  Our live show is usually like a rollercoaster ride. We’ve written songs that range from funk and electronic rock to heavy metal. We arrange our setlist in such way that feels like a thrill ride to our audience. Usually, we start out with rock-n-roll and then go straight into a metal song. Then, we drop down to some funk and pop tunes, and end the show with some exciting riff-driven songs. People seem to enjoy it.

LSF:   Who would you say some of your influences are?

RS:   Some of our influences in rock are Godsmack, Stone Temple Pilots, and GNR. On the electronic side, we’re heavily inspired by Pendulum, Crystal Method. and Skrillex.

LSF:   Where are some of the places that you play around town?

RS:   We are used to playing clubs around the metroplex such as Curtain Club and Quixotic World in Deep Ellum and Tomcats West in Fort Worth. We also like playing festivals. Last year, we played Mayfest, the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, and Holi Festival of Colors in the Plano Amphitheater. We really look forward to playing some more venues in Frisco.

LSF:   What’s upcoming for Skinny Is Green?

RV:   We’re planning to shoot a few more music videos for songs from our latest album “So, Who’s Watching?” within the next few months. Besides that, we just wrapped up our tour in the East Coast last week. Next, we are preparing to tour the West Coast during the summer.

LSF:   How do you think Frisco is changing as far as live music goes?

RS:   I like the vibe of Frisco’s music scene. It has festivals, such as Music in the Square, where you get to see some talented local bands from around DFW. Also, we have the Toyota Stadium here and you can see world-class acts such as Beck and Cage the Elephant. I think these factors are inspiring many musicians around here to start playing live. I went to play at Dodie’s Open Mic Night a few times last year. A very friendly environment there. Got to meet a bunch of talented and driven musicians who love to play live. Overall, I feel like the live music scene here is growing pretty fast. With venues like the Frisco Rail Yard, Rocking S Bar, and others in the area, it’s really turning into a great place.

Look for local Frisco dates very soon!