Artist Spotlight – Bill Brooks of Moving Colors and Missing 3

With all the music that surrounds Frisco, it’s no wonder that our city has seen a growth in it’s music scene. Places like Stan’s Main Street, Frisco Rail Yard, Rock’n S Bar, and Eight | 11 Place continue to host weekly live music nights. Plus, events like Music in the Square and Frisco StrEATS are gaining popularity and starting to attract larger bands. I thought it was time to sit to down with a man that has been part of the music scene here in the DFW area for a long time… the legendary Bill Brooks.

Bill is a key member of the bands Moving Colors (along with local favorite Joey Salvia), The Missing 3, and Brooklyn Dallas. He’s also been part of several other bands and projects over the years. As you can imagine, getting an hour of Bill’s time is a difficult task. I was fortunate to have a chance to get to know the man and musician a little better.

Lifestyle Frisco:   Bill I know you are busy so let’s jump in. You’ve been in the music scene for a while now, but when did you get started and how did it bring you here today?

Bill Brooks:   I began playing music professionally when I got out of high school. A few years after that, I joined with two cousins who both played bass, guitar, sang, and wrote music. Together we formed the band Backstreet, not to be confused w/ the Backstreet Boys. We were fortunate enough to have found some investors who recorded an album with us, and we took over Willie Nelson’s Whiskey River club on Greenville Ave and named it “Backstreet.”

We went on to compete against Sawyer Brown on the talent television show Star Search and lost by a quarter of a point. A few years later we went through a name change and the resulting band name was “Boyfriend.” We had local hits on three of the bigger radio stations in town – KAFM, KISS, and KVIL.

A few years later I had an idea to put Moving Colors together. I just enjoy making music and it has been a key part of my life as I pursued other day-jobs in real estate and later becoming a hairstylist. Today, I’m still cutting hair at the Tangerine Salon (26 years now) still enjoying making music with Moving Colors after 28 years.

LsF:   Out of all the bands you play in, which is your favorite?

BB:   I would have to say Moving Colors. It’s always been full of major talent with 7 members total including 4 singers. We can perform a wide variety of music, and we have lot’s of fun!

LsF:   Recently, you played at Frisco StrEATS with Moving Colors. How was that experience for you?

BB:   It was awesome! For the past two years, we were supposed to perform but the event got rained out. So, I was elated that the rain stayed away this year and we got a nice, dry performance in with a really large crowd!

LsF:   Seeing an enthusiastic reaction from the people, do you see Frisco as an emerging music city? And if so, what can Frisco do as a whole to continue the growth?

BB:   Frisco does a great job of tapping into the family-friendly atmosphere with outdoor concerts and backyard club venues. I see Frisco and other surrounding cities growing with more smaller venues opening up as the whole Dallas area continues to expand. The balance of family-friendly and adult venues for date nights plus happy hours and special events is a huge key to making it work.

LsF:   Do you prefer to play covers or originals?

BB:   There’s no greater feeling than to be able to play your own music, but at this time in my life I’m happy to be making music with people I enjoy. No matter if it’s original or someone else’s music, as long as we’re having fun doing it. When it stops being fun, that’s the time to hang it up… although I don’t see that day coming any time soon.

LsF:   Who are some of your influences ? Who are some local bands you’re listening to?

BB: It’s a pretty big list.  For guitar players – Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, and Steve Lukather. Some of the bands are The Beatles, Temptations, Lynard Skynard, Go West… the list could go on all day! As far as local talent, I’d have to say Monte Montgomery, Hiway 31 Band, High Definition, and Texas Gypsies & The 3 Amigos.  The 3 Amigos and I have some great history together.

LsF:   What are some of your favorite venues to play?

BB:   With Moving Colors, Sambuca is one of my favorites, but I love performing outdoor festivals. We’ll be performing at the Arboretum on April 20th, in Highland Village on June 29th, at Hillside Village on July 7th, at Watters Creek on September 8th, and at the Plano Balloon Festival on September 23rd.

LsF:   How did Missing 3 come about?

BB:   Moving Colors had a performance one night on a stage that only had enough room for 4 members. So, half-kidding, we started calling the band on stage Missing 3 and it stuck… It’s just the smaller version of Moving Colors.

Be sure to check the Frisco Events Calendar for upcoming dates with all of the bands Bill is a part of!