Announcing Launch of “GIVE FOR FRISCO” – Supporting and Promoting Our Nonprofits

Announced today from the stage at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce “State of the City” luncheon, Lifestyle Frisco is proud to host the official launch of “GIVE FOR FRISCO” – a new citywide initiative with Mayor Jeff Cheney to assist nonprofit organizations with increased awareness and digital marketing support to drive more volunteers and donor dollars.

All you have to do is either “Select” your category of concern, which will filter the organizations, OR you may browse all nonprofits participating.

GIVE FOR FRISCO is FREE of charge to all established nonprofit organizations who are based in Frisco and/or serve the Frisco community.

The first nonprofits to join us in our launch are:

GIVE FOR FRISCO will strengthen connections between the citizens of Frisco and the nonprofits who serve them by providing the same services and promotions Lifestyle Frisco offers to paying business clients.

It is because of our business clients that this initiative is possible and we are grateful to each and every one of them.

“Let me be clear… GIVE FOR FRISCO is not a middle man with your donation,” says Mayor Cheney. “All donations go directly to the nonprofit of your choice. The GIVE FOR FRISCO website is created and updated monthly by Lifestyle Frisco’s Wendi McGowan-Ellis and Scott Ellis and will always be free of charge for all the nonprofits.

Since its founding five years ago, Lifestyle Frisco has been looking for a unique way to support and promote the nonprofits in the community. GIVE FOR FRISCO is the best way for the company to do that… by sharing it’s extensive digital audience to strengthen the brands of all the nonprofits involved.

“We are looking forward to helping each nonprofit develop a new pipeline of enthusiastic and diverse volunteers and donors,” said Wendi McGowan-Ellis, CEO & Co-Founder of Lifestyle Frisco. “Because our digital platform is so convenient and accessible, we hope to create even greater interest in nonprofit board service and increased amounts of money raised for every organization.”

So, if you are involved with a nonprofit, and it is based in Frisco or serve Frisco citizens, please email today and join our community of nonprofits on GIVE FOR FRISCO. Later this summer, we plan to  host a celebration event to honor and thank all our participating organizations.