American Ninja Warrior: Frisco Mom’s Edition

Being a parent of children who have a lot of energy is not for wimps… I have three young kids. Having children was a dream of mine, so I feel very blessed. I’m healthy, capable, and I will never complain about having three kids.

However, I will say that it requires energy. And patience. And even more energy. So, take your vitamins and grab a protein shake because each day will require every ounce of energy you’ve got.

The first time you have to crawl into the tunnels of the Chick-Fil-A play land to retrieve your child, you realize the importance of wearing comfortable (and washable) clothes everywhere you go.

When you visit Stonebriar mall, and literally have to chase your toddler from one end to the other because he’s faster than Dash from The Incredibles, you vow never to wear heels in his presence ever again.

We visited Friendship Park recently. Between walking across rope netting and chasing my son away from the busy parking lot, it felt like I was preparing for the NFL Scouting Combine… complete with ladder drills and sprints.

It’s actually a super fun life, chasing kiddos around and participating in their gleeful moments. And, I’m feeling more prepared than ever for my audition to American Ninja Warrior:Mom’s Edition (if there was such a thing).

Recently, I took my kiddos to Jump Zone. If you haven’t had the pleasure, Jump Zone is an indoor playground/birthday party venue with large inflatable obstacles and slides.

My elementary-aged kids can climb and jump their way through without any help. My two-year old can’t climb without my help. So, I carried him with one arm, and climbed the walls with the other. We’re talking 12-feet tall inflatable walls with one hand on the grip and the other carrying a 25 lb child… over and over and over.

Yes, I’m looking for an “ATTA GIRL!” here because it wasn’t easy. There were also obstacles with low, narrow passageways and walls to climb over. While it was exhausting, the smile on my son’s face made it completely worth it. Thank goodness I’ve been pretty committed to my workouts this year.

I’m almost there… to the Holy Grail of play space visits. That time when your kids are FINALLY old enough to do it all by themselves, and you can just sit there and gab with a friend, catch up on email, or… literally, just sit there doing nothing. Ahhh… doing nothing.

They outgrow these things quickly, so I’ll try to enjoy this season of life.  And, I will always, always drink my protein shake.

Frisco is loaded with fun indoor play spaces. They’re a great way for kids to get exercise, burn energy, and have fun on poor weather days. They’re also very popular birthday party venues. Check out a few of my favorites…

Pump It Up

I’ve lost count of how many birthday parties we’ve attended here. There are two large rooms filled with inflatable structures. One of the rooms is often transformed with black lights, and they give each child a glow-in-the-dark necklace! The glow room, complete with dance music, made me think what fun it could be to have an 1980’s-themed party here! (Not that my kids have a clue about the eighties!)

Urban Air

If you like trampolines, check this place out. And I do mean YOU, because Urban Air is suitable for adults and kids! There are wall-to-wall trampolines, including trampoline basketball, trampoline dodgeball, a foam pit, fitness classes, and birthday parties.

The Coop

This little treasure on Frisco Square is designed to impress parents as much as their little ones. There is a cappuccino bar, wi-fi access, and magazines for the parents. Meanwhile, kids will love the clean, safe, brightly-colored play land. They also have really fantastic birthday party themes!

Jungle Joe’s

Picture a fast-food play structure like McDonald’s. Now, picture it on steroids! Jungle Joe’s opened in Frisco last summer, and has quickly become a popular place not only for kids to run, climb, and socialize, but for you to get a fresh, healthy, cafe-style meal if you wish.

Jump Zone

Your kids will do more than jump here! The inflatable play structures are massive, and include obstacles to climb, and tall slides to enjoy on the way down!  The video game area is coin-free now, so the kids can enjoy arcade games over and over to their hearts’ content. This place, too, is a popular birthday party venue.

Ninja Warrior Kids

Kids ages 4-12 can climb, jump, crawl, and test their skills on the obstacle course designed for kids. Play by the hour or hold a birthday party in this innovative fitness facility.

Canyons Climbing Gym

Canyons is a premier indoor climbing gym for everyone from beginner to expert level. Canyons offers a variety of indoor rock climbing experiences such as Top Rope, Sport Climbing, and Bouldering. They host birthday parties, group event,s and offer youth climbing team opportunities.