AllPilates Studio: Transform the Way Your Body Looks, Feels, and Performs

AllPilates Studio Frisco

Health and fitness are an important part of one’s overall well-being and a popular aspect of our culture. Here in Frisco, we have many choices when it comes to choosing fitness activities or gym memberships. We have a great parks and trails system, the Frisco Athletic Center and an increasing number of excellent fitness studios and gyms. The hardest part will be choosing what option works best for you. What kind of fitness interests you? What do you need in order to get started? How much can you afford to spend monthly?

AllPilates Studio in Frisco opened its doors in early 2017 and has grabbed the attention of many residents. The studio’s philosophy is to offer something for everyone. All ages and fitness levels are welcome with any range of experience, from the extreme seven-days-a-week gym rat to the individual with limited time who’s just getting started. AllPilates can guide you on your health and wellness journey, whatever your background.

Clients boast about the encouraging, non-threatening environment and the impressive credentials of the trainers. Those who had never previously tried pilates say AllPilates Studio opened their eyes to a new form of fitness, and it’s now their favorite way to workout. Studio owner, Christine, truly loves her job and it shows. She and her dedicated team of instructors enjoy getting to know the clients personally as well their respective fitness goals and challenges. The instructors strive to make each class engaging, challenging and fun. They regularly modify the exercises for their clients, where needed.

What is Pilates exactly?

Pilates is a set of highly focused, technique-based exercises that can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels, and performs. You’ll see improved posture, muscle tone, strength, and flexibility.

What makes AllPilates stand apart from other studios is their unique approach to the Pilates method. Most studios use the Joseph Pilates Classical style. AllPilates uses a blend of Joseph Pilates and the Lagree Pilates Contemporary style. This balance pulls the best parts of both styles into the movement.

Having the right equipment is important to AllPilates. With choices designed to target desired results, AllPilates features two options, in particular. The Cadillac and the Chair.

The Cadillac is a combination between a reformer and a trapeze table that provides the option to practice multi-planar strength and flexibility movements. It features a variety of spring lengths and tensions, as well as multiple spring attachment sites providing different levels of resistance to support or challenge the body while promoting programming options for every fitness level and ability.  Yes, that’s some impressive terminology but don’t be scared. The staff and owner Christine will walk you through it and provide encouragement along the way!

The Chair features a spring-loaded split pedal with optional arm attachments. It allows users to perform a full-body resistance and cardio workout in a space the size of a dining chair. Most of these exercises are performed seated so the workout is very low-impact. Someone who has joint issues would be able to complete this workout and receive great benefits.

AllPilates offers a variety of 50-minute classes seven days a week. Registering for a class is easy.  Simply go online, pick the one you want and with the simple click of a button, you’re in!

If you’re not sure if this is the right fitness option for you, AllPilates offers a one-time 50-minute class for free! This is a great way to try a class, check out the studio and meet Christine. All you have to bring is a pair of non-slip socks and an open mind!

If you have questions or would like to schedule a class, visit their website, or connect with AllPilates on Facebook and Instagram to engage with their community of clients.

AllPilates is confident that if you give it a try, “What seems impossible today will soon become your warm-up.”

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