Aikman and Buck Will Be Wearing J.Hilburn This NFL Season

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck will be wearing custom clothes from the Dallas-based brand J.Hilburn during their FOX broadcasts of the NFL games.

Aikman was a guest at the annual J.Hilburn conference in Dallas last month. He spent a few minutes on the main stage being interviewed by CEO Veeral Rathod, in front of an audience of about eight hundred people.

He described in superlatives the fit of his new blue suit. “You guys nailed it,” he said. “This never happens.”

The three-time Super Bowl champion reached out to the brand himself, looking for a better fit for his athletic frame. He liked the results so much that he recommended the brand to his TV booth partner, Joe Buck, who was also impressed. Aikman joked that the pre-game show guys get their wardrobe taken care of by the Network, but the in-game announcers are often left to their own devices.

When a former athlete trades in his uniform for a suit and tie, people take notice. Just as much as the superior fit, Aikman appreciated J.Hilburn’s concept of a personal stylist; not having to go to the mall to shop for clothes saves time on his busy schedule as a father of two daughters and an entrepreneur. 

Unsurprisingly, Aikman was asked about the 2014 Cowboys – Packers divisional playoff game and the famous Dez Bryant play that was ruled an incomplete pass. He said he initially thought it was not only a catch, but a touchdown. Nevertheless, after hearing opinions from rules experts, he accepted the incomplete pass ruling.

At the conference, J.Hilburn celebrated ten years in the custom menswear industry. Aikman and Buck are the latest in the line of celebrity clients; last year, the brand introduced extended sizing for their made-to-measure suiting, and their spokesman was former Cowboys player and college football announcer Marcus Spears. More recently, catcher Pudge Rodriguez acknowledged he wore a J.Hilburn suit for his Hall of Fame inauguration.