Afraid of Your Cluttered Space? Mis-Conceptions About Professional Organizers

This post is sponsored by Decluttered Spaces

The first thing that Nicole Lynn of Decluttered Spaces needs you to know is that not all home and life organizers are the same. And, if you’re one of the those who’ve had an uncomfortable experience with trying to get a grip on your chaos in the past, you’re probably scared to try again.

Nicole knows that an organizer has to LISTEN… your space is yours for a reason. And, fixing it to make you happy isn’t “one size fits all.” An organizer can’t just buy a bunch of products from the Container Store, make you buy them, and call your space harmonized to the way you live your life.

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With Decluttered Spaces, purging comes first. Going through each piece of your clutter to understand it’s practical and emotional value. Once you and Nicole have a grip on the items that stay, only then does buying any organizing solutions, products, bins, containers, etc. happen.

However, the most important thing about Decluttered Spaces is Nicole’s compassion. Oftentimes people need decluttering during the most stressful times of their lives – divorce, a very sick family member, a child who has left for college, and/or a death in the family. Nicole has no minimum hours that you have to work with her and her initial 1-hour consultation to discuss your organizing goals is only $50.

I asked Nicole what the most common situation is where she is hired for a project…

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It’s hilarious to me when a husband says the wife needs to get organized… or vice versa. My response is always, ‘Do THEY think they need to get organized? If so, please give them my card and have them call me.’ Too many times clutter, and the desired lack of it, is much more a priority for one spouse than another. I work hard to create harmony in the home for them both.”

In the end, instead of purchasing furniture, accessories, closet organizer kits, and drawer dividers, a one-hour consultation with Nicole will end up saving you money on the organizing items you actually need to suit your goals and your life. Stop trying to fit your life into the products, and make the products work for you.

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How about starting in your closet?
Do you struggle with finding what to wear? Have multiple parties to attend and fretting over the outfits?  Scream EEK every time you walk in your closet? Feel like you HAVE to say yes to every event that comes your way? Scrambling to get out the door on time? Longing for 5 minutes for you? 

Join Nicole Lynn of Decluttered Spaces and Myaann Payne, Image Consultant of MYN Image “Creating Calm for the Holidays thru Preparation & Organization” on either:

Myaann and Nicole will share their tried and trued tips to help you achieve the calm and organization to get through the end of the year. For only $20, which includes mimosas and light bites, create the holiday season and time in between you desire and deserve.

So let Nicole Lynn help your harmonize your world… one space at a time.