Ace’s Ice House & Chop Chop is, well… Aces!

There’s a new contender to add to the list for Best Burger in Frisco: Ace’s Ice House & Chop Shop.

Recently, we were at E’Spiritu chatting about local restaurants with the bartender, who said Ace’s is “fantastic”. When I asked about a favorite dish, the burger was recommended without hesitation. That sealed the deal for me: We had to give Ace’s a try.

With my father in town for a visit, trying something new could be risky but, hey, it’s Dad right? If the food is even as close to as good as described, how could we go wrong?

Ace’s did not disappoint!

Inside Ace’s

The atmosphere is casual and open. The decor is rustic, and it feels like a great place for a relaxed meal, to grab a beer and catch up with friends, or to watch a game. Ace’s seats about 200 people and boasts a 55′ bar.

It was busy on the Monday night we visited, but it had a good vibe and I liked the open bar concept. The restaurant is one big room with a couple of open subsections so you can see everything, no matter where you sit.

Ace’s is self-described as “Texas Casual” and I can’t think of a better descriptor. I don’t remember what music was playing, but it felt like the kind of place where you would expect to hear country and rock, so just put on .38 Special and you get the idea.

I can envision it getting a little rowdy during close Cowboys games. Yeah, this place will be fun.

They have nice sized patio outside which faces south and opens to the inside bar via two large garage doors. Keep it in mind when events are going on at Toyota Stadium or for 4th of July fireworks.

The Food

Ace’s boasts two chefs, Brad Brown and Cutter Brewer, both native Texans. So it should come as no surprise that they both ‘get’ Texas cuisine.

We tried several things off the limited menu (limited because they’re still in a soft opening period) including the Wagyu Burger, Venison Chili, Onion Rings, and Chicken Sandwich with buffalo sauce. It was all comfort food that night!

I will attest to the spectacular nature of the burger. It wasn’t all the stuff piled on top (there was some of that, of course), but rather the meat that made it. Ace’s serves Wagyu beef. “Kobe” may be a more familiar term to you and is one of the regions that raise Wagyu cattle. Wagyu is genetically predisposed to intense marbling so the meat is extra tasty. The burger buns were also noticeably good.

If you had fun with the 2014 Best Burger In Frisco Readers Choice Award, you’ll want to check these guys out in 2015 before you cast your vote. Don’t worry, you have until September.

The onion rings were also good and made an excellent sharing appetizer. I, personally, didn’t try the venison chili but it got rave reviews from my old man and there wasn’t any left, so I’ll take that as a good sign and try it next time.

The chicken sandwich was also a hit and the buffalo sauce (there are several options on the chicken) was spicy, but not too much so.

Ace’s also has a full bar with several beers on tap. We were told they were going to be focusing on whiskeys, and Texas whiskeys in particular. We’ll look forward to more of that as they get stocked and hopefully have a Texas whiskey tasting from time to time (hint, hint).

After our first visit, Ace’s Ice & Chop House feels like it’s going to be a hit and will be a stand out casual place in Frisco.

If you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends, watch a game, or just get some good food in a casual atmosphere, Lifestyle Frisco recommends giving Ace’s a try.


Location: (the old Burger Girl location)
Ace’s Ice & Chop House
9250 DALLAS PKWY, #130
FRISCO, TX 75034

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