A Letter from the Editor to the Remarkable Moms of Frisco

On the eve of Mother’s Day, someone asked me, “What would make you happiest on Mother’s Day this year?”

Oh goodness, that’s a question with many possible answers. A spa day? A nice brunch? Shopping? A nap?

Assuming I get to be selfish in answering this question, and we’re not looking for a “world peace” kind of answer, then there are three things I really want this Mother’s Day.

1. A nice photo of me with my kids. One that I actually like of myself, with all three of the kids smiling (I’ll take two out of the three… close enough), and which captures our love for one another.

2. A few days away at a hotel. BY MYSELF. I’m probably supposed to say that I’d like to go with my husband for a romantic getaway or with some girlfriends for a fun weekend. But honestly, I just want to be alone to think my own thoughts, not speak to anyone unless I absolutely have to, and to catch up with… well, ME.

…Often the hardest person to fight for is YOURSELF. But you must. Your heart is needed. You must be present and engaged in order to love well and fight on behalf of others. Without you, much will be lost.” ~~ Stasi Eldredge, Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul

3. More important than my first two wishes, I sincerely want for all of my sweet Mom friends to feel beautiful, valued, loved, and SEEN.

Fellow Frisco Moms: I see you.

I see you hustling and bustling your kids around town from practice to birthday parties to games and the gazillion related errands. I see you volunteering at your kids’ school, hosting playdates, planning birthday parties, and trying to meet all of the implied requirements of parenting in our fast-paced community.

And doing a mighty awesome job with all of it.

If someone hasn’t told you lately, you need to know that what you’re doing matters. All of it.

The tears you wipe from your child’s face, the prayers you pray when they go sleep, the encouragement you send them as they head off to school each day, that little note you stuck in their lunchbox. The cheers from the sidelines, the dinner you prepared, the conversations in the car after school.

The field trips you chaperoned, the orthodontist appointments, the school functions.

I’d like to tell you to slow down, say “no” more often, and trust that you’re a great Mom whether you do all the things or not. But you’ll do it anyway because that’s how you’re wired.

You’re dedicated, full of unconditional love, and you decided long ago that these little people God placed in your care would be your everything.

To the PTA Moms, the soccer Moms, the stay-at-home-working-Moms, the go-to-an-office Moms, the Mom-preneurs, the Stepmoms, the hopeful-one-day Moms, the surrogate Moms, the empty-nest Moms, the fur-baby Moms, the Moms-in-law, honorary Moms, Godmothers, Grandmothers:

We see you. And, we thank you for being amazing.

Of course we love and respect the men of Frisco as well, but there’s something special about the women in this town. They have energy for days, servants’ hearts, strong faith, and MAD Pinterest skills.

At Lifestyle Frisco, we often talk about “discovering and disclosing the people who make up the fabric of Frisco.”

That’s YOU. The amazing women of Frisco who keep it all running.

Happy Mother’s Day