A Christmas Letter to Frisco

christmas letter to frisco, tx

Dear Frisco,

It’s been only 6 years since I made the move from Michigan to your city limits with nothing more than a 16-hour drive and a world of unknowns in front me. You might has well have been on the other side of the planet because everything I was about to do was completely foreign to me.

Yes, the weather was going to be drastically different (hotter). You, as a city, were going to be smaller and pretty much everyone I had ever known was going to be thousands of miles away. Not to mention, even Dallas was a lot further away than I was led to believe.

With Christmas around the corner, I’ve done a lot of thinking about my time here with you and what I’ve done over the last six years. In a nutshell, I’m grateful.

Frisco, you took a guy from “Up North” and welcomed him into your city. It actually still surprises me that I’ve settled here, because if anyone knows me, they know that I am a “big city” guy. Truth is, I feel more at home here than I’ve felt almost anywhere else.

I’ve met so many fantastic people… From the people that work hard to make this city what it is today, like city council, CDC, and EDC, to the great local business owners like Rod at Pizzeria Testa and Greg, Tamme, and Kritsy from the Frisco Railyard and 5th Street Patio Café. Not to mention the hard working staff right here at Lifestyle Frisco or Dennis from Franconia (a Frisco resident).

Of course, there are all the different service industry members I’ve gotten to know from the numerous bars and restaurants I frequent. Staff that have turned out to be more than just the people taking care of me, but part of my life.

So, my message to everyone here in Frisco is simple. One that I know that has been said before, but it never gets old.

Frisco, this holiday season, please take the time and realize who you are, what you have, and what’s truly important.

As we all brave the mall, and many other stores, looking for the perfect gift for your husband, wife, kids, or friends, remember that the gifts we buy are just that – a gift. They’re not what this season is all about, or for that matter, what life is about. This season is about love, friendship, helping others, and being selfless.

As a city, we grow together and change from growing in population, to new businesses, and new events making their way here. We also experience tragedy and hurt when one of those local businesses closes their doors unexpectedly, or when one of our own is taken from us so young. We grieve together and we heal together also.

Frisco, you are your people… People from different walks of life, faith, income, and background. Something we all need to remember as we go out to eat, shop, or just go to work. Remember to say please and thank you, hold the door open for someone, or simply smile and say hello. It sounds like nothing, but these little gestures can change someone’s day in seconds.

The holidays always pass us by way too fast. The moments get rushed through and pushed to the side in such a hurry that we almost forget what they are. I’m going to take an extra minute and appreciate my moments with family and friends, and be thankful to have a job in this city that allows me to talk and meet so many great people.

No matter who you spend your holiday with or what you do, enjoy it. Tell your family you love them. Watch the same movie you’ve seen a thousand times with your kids just one more time. Maybe make that phone call to your friend that you haven’t called in awhile. No matter what you do, do it with others in mind, and show them what Frisco is all about.

Merry Christmas, Frisco! 

Thank you for being a great city with some special people in it, and thank you for taking in a guy from Detroit and welcoming him into the community. “Love is all around us, and so the feeling grows.”


Brandon Novara