A Cafe For You Where Your Kids Can Play? Jungle Joe’s

Looking for a place where you can hang out with your kids, but that also has amenities for adults? Look no further than Jungle Joe’s, a one-of-a-kind kid-friendly creation by Angela Holt.

With the tagline of “A Cafe Where Kids Can Play,” Jungle Joe’s is different because they offer fresh, healthy foods for kids AND adults. Monday through Sunday, your kids can experience…

Unlike other large children’s play facilities, Jungle Joe’s is a smaller space where you can see your child play from almost any angle in the facility, but also with the added assurance of CCTV cameras that offer a full view of the entire play structure while your kids run and hide.

In addition, the whole area of jungle gyms, slides, and toys are sanitized every night and the structure is also cleaned regularly during the day.

Jungle Joe’s welcomes kids from toddlers (even under 1 year old) up to 8 or 9 depending on the child. It’s not that the structures can’t hold them at an older age, it’s just that they might start getting a little bored with the Thomas the Train play table, the coloring station, and the chalkboard wall once they’re 8 and above. On a typical day, parents will need to stay on the premises, but Jungle Joe’s does have select “Parents Night Out,” especially after the summer season ends.

What made Angela start Jungle Joe’s?

Years ago, Angela received her teaching degree in special education. But, after a 16-year career in real estate brokerage in California, she and her family returned home to Texas and set about following a dream to start a vocation that was centered on children but wasn’t a teaching position.

Realizing that she most wanted to start her own business, Angela and Rick, her husband, spent time looking all over the North Texas area for an ideal location to set up what they describe as “an imaginative playtime paradise.” Their son, who’s now 8, really was the “taste-tester” for play-scapes, contributing tons of kid-centric ideas based on play places he had visited and what sparked his interest for fun, active play.

Jungle Joe’s officially opened on June 9, 201, at the corner of Hillcrest and Rolater in East Frisco. We all realize that most small businesses don’t last long, so getting through the first year deserves a big congratulations.

So does filling a void in the marketplace… We’ve all seen the play spaces your kids can experience at Chic-Fil-A or McDonald’s, and then you have your neighborhood park’s jungle gym. Jungle Joe’s serves the desires of the child (play-scape) AND the requirements of most parents (healthy food options, wi-fi access). 

How’s the Food?

Jungle Joe’s prides itself on healthier food options like…

Jungle Joes’ is a TRUE made-to-order cafe, and they DO have hot dogs and chicken nuggets if your kids (or you!) have a craving.

Speaking of cravings, let’s talk about the coffee bar! Get your caffeine fix or order from an assortment of juices, sodas, and water. Plus, after your snack of choice, with the free wi-fi, you can work a bit while the kids keep playing.

What Play Options Are There?

Besides regular play hours of Monday through Thursday 9am to 6pm, Friday through Saturday 9am to 8pm, and Sunday 11am to 6pm, you can have your child’s birthday party at Jungle Joe’s starting at $179 and going up from there. For the first 45 minutes, the kiddos come in, run around, and play. For the next 45 minutes, they go into private party room where you can have food from the cafe. Top the day off with a Jungle Joe’s birthday cake! Or you can bring in your own cake or cupcakes.

Jungle Joe’s also offers completely private events where you can have all of Jungle Joe’s to yourself! They’ll even decorate for you. Always providing a party host to take care of everything, parents can RELAX… it’s all handled.

Then there are the “specials” at Jungle Joe’s… From Monday to Thursday, come out and enjoy Happy Hour from 2pm to close with HALF OFF admission and half off any drinks, excluding smoothies. There’s also “Kids Eat Free” Fridays with the purchase of one adult meal, so plan your Friday night dinners here and play ’til 8pm! Every day after 2pm, Angela promotes some kind of special, discount, or deal for parents.

Jungle Joe’s is where the fun starts and the play goes on!

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