Summer Fun Ideas for Teenagers

A few weeks into summer vacation, a couple of things are certain. First, it’s going to get hotter before it get’s cooler. Secondly, boredom may have already begun to set in for our teenagers…  After all, there are only so many Snapchat filters a teenager can play around with!

What’s a kid to do when the novelty of summer has worn off, and their wallet is nearly empty?

Summer was always a great time for me as a kid. Riding my bike for hours, going to the pool, and building forts. As I got older, I replaced my bike with a car, and my fort-building days turned into bonfire nights.

Teenagers today have far more options when it comes to finding a cure for summer boredom. However, they might not look up from their devices long enough to think of creative ways to spend their time. I’m here to encourage Frisco teenagers not to waste the remaining days of summer. Frisco is loaded with age-appropriate and affordable ways to spend your time.

Pole Position Raceway

Driving fast, and racing your friends – legally – is exactly what Frisco teenagers should be doing this summer. Leave the Texas heat outdoors at Pole Position’s indoor go-kart speedway. They offer a variety of pricing for groups, large and small. One of the best options is what they call “Arrive and Drive.” This allows customers to show up and get on a track quickly.  Whether a teenager has their drivers’ license yet, or not, they can have fun driving fast (and not getting pulled over).

Frisco Paintball

With an indoor facility that spans 30,000 square feet, the climate-controlled arena allows participants to play year-round regardless of what Texas weather comes our way. Layered with top-of-the-line artificial turf, safety concerns are no longer an issue and the indoor field proves to be safer than outdoor fields. From identifying the proper gun, ammo (paintballs), face masks, body armor and gear, the Frisco Paintball staff will show you what need to get started without breaking the bank.


Do have what it takes… to ESCAPE?!? Can you and your friends find a way out within one hour? This immersive, interactive adventure game is sure to challenge and entertain! Escape rooms are a multiperson experience, unlike anything you have done before. With either friends or strangers, your team is tasked with solving an elaborate series of puzzles inside a single room in an attempt to beat the clock and WIN!

Dave & Buster’s Frisco

Dave & Buster’s comes to mind because of their great food and the mid-week deals they offer for game cards. Their location in Stonebriar Centre is a perfect place to grab some appetizers and hang out with friends. Video games, Laser Tag, Skee Ball, billiards and tons of other games are available. I recommend going during the week to avoid larger groups or parties, and it will be cheaper for teens who might not have a lot of money to spend.

Little Elm Beach

Although our Frisco Water Park is really cool, sometimes we crave a beach. Frisco is fortunate to be located right down the road from Little Elm Beach, just outside the boundaries of Frisco. The fun is free, so it’s a popular spot for youth. There are numerous sand volleyball courts, and Hydrous Wake Park is right next door.

National Videogame Museum

Teenagers who love video games are lucky to have The National Videogame Museum right here in Frisco. It’s a fun place to learn about the history and future of the video gaming industry. Check out their timeline of consoles, and step into the 80’s retro arcade, Pixel Dreams. Tickets run about the same price as going to see a movie, so change it up and try something new.

Local Sporting Events

When it comes to sports, living in Frisco has its perks. One of those perks is having some of the cheapest tickets in town when it comes to watching professional sports.

The Frisco RoughRiders not only have a great stadium but a lazy river as well. Single game tickets are reasonably priced, and they  frequently host promotional events and theme nights. The RoughRiders offer family and group rates that include hot dogs and a beverage.

If baseball isn’t your thing you can head over to Toyota Stadium for some MLS action with FC Dallas. They offer a wide range of tickets on their website, but you can also find tickets on and Both of these stadiums are close to home and the games usually end early, so it is not a late night for anyone with a curfew.

Frisco recently added professional lacrosse and arena football to their roster, so check out the Dallas Rattlers and Texas Revolution for other sports action.

Go to the Movies

There’s no better way to escape a hot afternoon than a watching a blockbuster on the big screen. We recently rounded up a list of 5 Fun Places to Watch a Movie in and around Frisco. Indoors, outdoors, and even in the water…  Summer is the perfect time to go out and experience something new!

Outdoor Recreation

Hanging out at home with your younger siblings or parents is not always fun for teenagers (sometimes it is downright painful). But where does a teenager go to hang out when they’re underage? They can’t go to a bar, movies are expensive and there are only so many times you can hit the mall. What about one of Frisco’s many parks? A lot of our parks have trees for shade, open fields for soccer and football, basketball courts and picnic pavilions. Go hiking on a trail. Get a group of friends together, stock up on water, pop and snacks. It could be a great way to get away from the house and kill an afternoon. Most of the parks around here also have outdoor BBQ pits and grills so you don’t have to haul yours from home.

Earn Community Service Hours

Now is a great time to amp up those college applications and job resumes. There is an endless number of ways to make a difference in the community, and it always makes people smile to see kids actively involved in making a difference. Check out this list of Volunteer Opportunities for Teenagers in Frisco.

Make Some Money

Okay, who doesn’t want a little extra money, or for that matter need a little extra money? Summer is a perfect opportunity to start earning money and work as much as you can before going back to school. Landing a good summer job as a teenager can be difficult, with age restrictions, transportation challenges, and limited experience. What about starting a business? Not sure how to do that or what to do? Here are a few tried and true ideas for teenagers who want to make some quick cash.

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

Almost everyone around here has a pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, fish, or bird. Someone knows somebody with a pet. Most people don’t take their furry little friend with them when they go on vacation. Boarding can be very expensive and most people have a hard time leaving their pets with strangers. Try reaching out to friends and family first so you can get some clients under your belt. Then post on social media, or on your subdivision’s website and Facebook pages to market your business. It won’t take long before you have a good customer base for walking dogs or taking care of them while people are at work or out of town.

Yard Work

I can tell you first-hand how much homeowners despise doing yard work. The last thing I want to do on my day off is cut the grass, pull weeds, trim trees and clean out flower beds. Most people would love to pay someone to do these tedious but necessary chores. Why not take advantage of this? You can spend a Saturday making good money or run a weekly lawn service with very little start-up cost.

Garage Sale

How many of you have walked by that random box in the garage and wondered what was in there? Or maybe that one drawer that has clothes sitting in there that you’ll never wear again? We all have stuff to get rid of and while donations are great, making money is good too! Teenagers have an endless supply of old clothes, jewelry, books and who knows else that they could sell. Get some friends involved, and it could be a fun way to spend a weekend together.  Combine the garage sale and everyone makes money.

Summer can be as fun or as boring as you make it. Wasting the days staring at your cell phone really doesn’t sound like much of a life. Getting out of the house is not only a better use of time, but can change a person’s mood too. Making some money, hanging with friends, getting some sun and exercise…that’s what summer is all about!