7 Ways to Prepare for Your Best Summer Self

As we venture through spring the days get brighter, longer, and warmer. We begin to peel off layers of clothes and bare more skin. Bathing suits, maxi dresses, sundresses, and a little exposed skin are on the radar because summer is right around the corner. We all want to feel at our summer best when we dare to bare.

To be able to flaunt our best summer self we must get active, opt for healthy food choices, and protect our skin against the intense Texas sun.

Get Fit (Move More)

Start by getting active and in motion more often so you can flaunt your summer self comfortably. Maybe take your exercise outside to absorb a little extra vitamin D (which reduces heart disease in addition to making you feel better).

Frisco Parks and Trails: Consider hiking, walking, running, or biking on the Frisco trails to burn off excess pounds acquired during the cooler temperatures. If you’re unsure about where the trails are located near you, browse the directory of parks and trails online. Frisco has numerous trails available from a half mile up to 8 miles long.

If you’re looking for short and sweet try the Lone Star Ranch Trail (0.5 miles) or Griffin Parc Trail (1.1 miles). Since both trails offer a short distance they tend to be feasible for moms with small children that want to walk along versus riding in a stroller. If you’re seeking a longer workout try Frisco Mountain Bike Trail that offers a total of 8.1 miles and 650 feet of climbing broken into various loops.

Try a Local Fitness Studio: I’ve shared my experiences trying a variety of local fitness studios in my Frisco Fitness Trials series. I’ve learned that Frisco is loaded with fantastic calorie-blasting, muscle-building ways to get fit.

A sure-fire way to look slim and tone in your bathing suit this summer. Sign up for a series of Pilates Reformer exercises at Beyond Pilates Studio. The reformer helps to improve range of motion, core strength, posture, and flexibility. Improved posture helps to create the appearance of a slimmer and longer body. Beyond also offers the Pilates Hybrid Interval Training (PHIT) methodology that combines high and low-intensity levels to burn serious calories. You will be poolside ready before summer!

Hydration and Healthy Habits

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Aim for fruits with 90% plus water per volume such as watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit, and cantaloupe. Couple with pineapples, oranges, and raspberries that have 80% plus of water per volume. Opt for vegetables such as celery, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and zucchini that have 90% water content.

Water: Stay hydrated and drink 8! Make sure you’re drinking at least 8 cups of water per day to stay hydrated. Not sure if you’re staying hydrated? Try the skin test. Lightly pinch your skin and if doesn’t pop back up or looks creepy you might be dehydrated.

Vitamins: RenueRX in Frisco has great advice on how to properly use vitamins and supplements to feel and look your best year-round.

Healthy Food, Healthy You

Prefer clean eating but have a hectic schedule? Vitality Bowls has you covered with yummy and healthy options that have no added sugar, artificial preservatives, trans fat or fillers.

Start your morning with an ‘Energy Bowl’ to give you an extra boost to power through the busy day. Or if you’re on the go and prefer to drink your breakfast consider one of their many smoothie options such as ‘The Invigorator’ or ‘The Rejuvenator.’

UP Inspired Kitchen

Forgot to pack your lunch for work? As a spinach lover, I opt for their nutrient-rich spinach salad filled with goat cheese, quinoa, strawberries, and almonds. This option supplies protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins all in one. And it’s yummy!

Another healthy option in Frisco is UP Inspired Kitchen. UP prides itself on its carefully sourced ingredients, offering healthier options like gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo and whole 30 options on their menu. If you’ve ever found yourself torn between delicious and health-conscious, UP Inspired Kitchen gives you the best of both worlds.

Summer Style

We’re getting fit and eating healthy… What to wear? Here’s what my favorite wardrobe styling consultant Jennifer Niehouse has to say about the latest fashion trends:

“Houndstooth was so last winter! But don’t worry because the blooms of spring are transplanting the playful polka dot pattern on everything from skirts to swimsuits to the traditional men’s tie. The dot’s proportions and scale have no limits! Speaking of scale… the stiletto is stepping down a bit while the petite ‘kitten heel’ is making huge strides as the more comfortable shoe of choice this season. I’ve always purr-ferred a shorter heel because you never know…you may need to ‘dash to your car’ or ‘run to catch up’!” 

For an easy bohemian look opt for a maxi dress with sandals. Voila – you’re evening chic for a patio dinner at Bonnie Ruth’s. (They have happy hour seven days a week, with live music on Fridays!)

Summer Skin Care

Spring and summer bring the beautiful sunshine. Many of us love the sun and spend more time basking in it during warmer weather because it affects our mood and puts us in a feel-good state. But the sunshine is a double edge sword!

On one side of the spectrum, sunlight provides vitamin D, serotonin, endorphins, and energy. But on the other side sun exposure leaves the skin with sun spots, wrinkles, the acceleration of skin aging, and possibly cancer of the skin. Whether you’re heading out the door for work, the gym, or to the pool don’t forget to apply sunblock. Think of it as your new best friend for summer. (Sun protection is vital year round but especially during the summer months.)

To better understand how to protect skin during the Texas summer months I reached out to Cathy Hageman owner of SkinBasix for her best summer skin care advice.

“As we go into the warmer seasons it’s good to amp up our exfoliation routine. If you’re using Vitamin A serums I would be cautious in doing extra exfoliation since you’re getting that with the serum. Exfoliating helps to clear out our pores and increases circulation. A great product for exfoliation that is gentle enough to use daily is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.

And if you’re considering a chemical peel in the spring or summer, Cathy advises that you wait.

Chemical peels are designed to take layers of skin off. When you have this service done you’re compromising the skin’s barrier leaving it exposed to sun and environment. Unless you’re planning on staying inside during the recovery time after the chemical peel, I advise waiting until fall or winter when we naturally stay inside due to the cold.

I always suggest everyone get regular facials – about every 4-6 weeks. A regular facial helps address oil and breakouts and combat aging concerns. Plus, an esthetician can go through your regular skincare routine to see that the products you’re using are best for your skin type.”

If you prefer little or no makeup during the summer months opt for mineral based powders that provide the touch of makeup with the benefits of SPF. Skin Basix has a wonderful powder via the Osmosis line.

My personal favorite during the spring and summer months is a tinted moisturizer with SPF 55. It evens out my skin tones, moisturizes, and provides SPF all in one.

Summer Hair Do’s

Want to warm up your dark hair? Maybe add streaks of cinnamon or highlights of gold and caramel! Or maybe you prefer the Cali-Girl-beachy-bomb look! Lisa Stubbs, Hair Consultant, suggests,

“Grab Monat’s Tousled Texturizing Mist! Apply a little to dry hair for a natural effect or curl it afterward for the perfect, long-lasting hold!”

For blonde or highlighted hair, Shimmering Lights shampoo or conditioner is a must to have on hand. It will tone down the yellow and brassiness and help to leave your tresses looking like you just got them highlighted. You can find the product at Target and it’s reasonably priced.

A Pop of Color for Your Pedi

At your next mani/pedi go for shades of red or pink. These hues have been all over the red carpet this season and pop just as fabulous on your nails. If you prefer ‘DIY’ or want trendy nail colors to have on hand then try ‘Turban’ by Chanel. They always have amazing shades of rich looking reds.

Looking for a striking red hue that isn’t as pricey? Consider ‘Pomodoro,’ a shade of crimson by Bobbi Brown. Or why not get pretty in pink with ‘Blush Worthy’ by Essie Gel Polish? Both are sold at Nordstrom.

Red and pink not your thing? Then opt for bright to light blue and purple hues, or vivid shades of greens.

With these summer tips you will be able to effortlessly flaunt your summer best as you dare to bare! What are your go-to strategies to get summer ready?

Leave us a comment with your favorite workouts, products, boutiques, restaurants…