6 Ways to Integrate Workplace Wellness into Your Office Design

The battle cry for wellness initiatives is everywhere in 2018, so it’s important to consider how this extends into the workplace.

From plenty of light to adding green spaces, mindfulness, sensory experiences and more, there are many ways to go from workplace to “well space” this year.

Here are a few suggestions to make sure your office space is wellness approved.

Create Comfortable Discussion Spaces

Conference tables and office chairs aren’t always the best furniture for getting creative. Instead, consider creating open-concept conversation areas with groups of comfortable chairs or couches, to encourage conversation and a comfortable flow of ideas.

Consider Air Quality

Office air can easily become stale and polluted, often leading to workplace fatigue. Combat this issue by making sure your heating and ventilation areas are clean and properly maintained. Plus, add humidifiers and air purifiers as needed to keep your workplace air quality clean and fresh.

Get Fit

Have a spare space that’s collecting dust (and random office supplies?) Even a small area can be converted into a mini fitness room with the addition of a few yoga mats, resistance bands, and free weights. Just a few minutes of fitness can keep employees energized and stress-free.

Add Greenery

Whether it’s a designated green space or simply adding more plants and flowers into the overall office space, the benefits of nature far outweigh the costs. From air quality to simple aesthetics, plants are a go-to for any office with an emphasis on wellness.

Make Room for Stress Reduction

The 3:00 pm coffee break of decades past is now all about finding moments for mindfulness. With studies showing even the briefest moments of meditation have a profound effect on energy and focus, it’s important to encourage employees to take a break — and a few deep breaths. Open conference rooms and empty offices can easily be used as 10-minute stress reduction spaces — no phones allowed — with the addition of a few pillows and a soft throw.

Remember the Five Senses

One of the most effective ways to refresh your workspace is to ensure you are activating as many of the senses as you can. Consider soft music, adding a few artistic focal points, keeping coffee table books on hand, keeping a consistent temperature and integrating flowers, as mentioned above. Scents, sight, and sounds are the most prevalent of the workplace senses, so employers should focus on making sure those senses are getting the most satisfaction.

Along with a bright, open-concept workspace, these six ideas will help get your workplace on track for a mindful, stress-free and energized 2018.

Nicole Arnold Interiors can help you with these concepts and go further in designing the office environment your company is looking for.  If 2018 is your year for change, give us a call at( 214) 326-1160.

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