5 Things To Know About The Rail District in Downtown Frisco

Image courtesy Maddie Cargile

Downtown Historic Frisco is a hot topic right now as plans for a redevelopment of the area begin to take fold.

It’s been almost twenty years since the Downtown Master Plan was first approved by the city. It examined a wide variety of topics, from historic preservation to land use to public improvements.

Now, Gateway Planning has come on board to work with the City to review the progress of the 1998 plan and generate a vision for the area that supports a perfect mix of old and new.

Image courtesy Maddie Cargile

Gateway Planning is behind the award-winning McKinney Square and Town Center. McKinney has been recognized as one of the nation’s top places to live due to its revitalized downtown area.

Scott Polikov, President of Gateway Planning, along with various city leaders and representatives, were present at a community meeting on Wednesday, March 21st at The Heritage Center. Here, they presented detailed ideas and plans of what the whole area could become.

We want to build on what is already working and maintain authenticity” Polikov explained. “Encourage redevelopment while respecting adjacent neighborhoods, and provide a seamless connection and relationship to Frisco Square.”  

To view a copy of the presentation, click here.

The vision is all about creating a space that attracts visitors but is also continues to be inviting to those who have made it their home, and can take pride in the forthcoming transformation over the next few years.

Image courtesy Maddie Cargile

5 Things to Know About the Future of Downtown Frisco

Image courtesy Maddie Cargile

Bear in mind this is all working in parallel with the re-branding of the area soon to be known as ‘The Rail District.’ The rebranded area inspires a unique lifestyle that is appealing to all generations while respecting the historic preservation and tying Frisco back to its roots – a railroad town.

Downtown Projects Already Underway

Nack Development has recently emerged as a key developer in the area with two projects already approved; the Tower at the Rail and the Patios at the Rail, with another in the pipeline called The Calaboose. President of Nack Development, Donny Churchman recently shared,

Inspired people and ideas are coming together and opportunity is building as we re-imagine the future of a great place in downtown Frisco.” 

Locally owned Frisco favorite furniture store Boxcar House has also signed up to join the Tower at the Rail development. Retailer of handcrafted one-of-a-kind furniture made from authentic railroad boxcars, again sharing in the appreciation for the overall Rail District theme.

Matt Calloway, a real estate agent both living and working in Downtown Frisco is working closely with Nack development. He’s another inspiring voice leading the way for an exciting future in the Downtown Rail District area.

The unique projects and experiences being created downtown will stand the test of time,” Matt says. “Its our little slice of coolness.”

Many people are coming together in a unified effort to get this right for the people of Frisco and the longtime downtown residents and merchants; Blushing Bride Boutique, the Style House, Eight |11 Place, Lillian Welch, Patty Ann’s Flowers and Summer Moon are just a few of the retailers on board and excited about the area’s future.

This is not just a pretty picture project but an opportunity for fantastic economic development and growth,” Polikov emphasized.

Image courtesy Maddie Cargile

So what happens next?

Interviews have been held with downtown stakeholders along with Master Plan Committee meetings. Extensive studies and research of the demographics of the area have also been conducted and going forward over the next few weeks more presentations and town halls will be open to the public.

All of the plans presented are very much in the discussion phase and nothing is off the table right now as developers want to hear from you – the very people who live work and take time out to be in the downtown historic area, particularly residents and retailers.

Provide your feedback.

Gateway Planning and the City invite you to take a minute to complete a quick survey and have your voice and opinion heard.

Once all of the information and feedback has been gathered, the updated final plan will be presented to the City Council in May, with the intention of final plan approval in August 2018.

To view this, and other current projects stemming directly from recommendations made in the City’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan and reflected in the City Council’s top ten priorities in 2018, click here. These projects help bridge the gap between the Frisco of today and where we see ourselves headed in the future.