5 Different Window Covering Styles To Keep Your Home Cool

A Texas summer isn’t something to be taken lightly, and a Dallas, Texas summer?  WHEW! You need a cool, indoor retreat if you’re going to make it through our incredible heat and humidity.

Though it’s the most natural reaction in the world to crank up the A/C during the hottest part of the year, your interior design can actually help keep your home cool while still maintaining your style and personality.

I always recommend sun-blocking window coverings as part of a comprehensive room design, because they can make a huge difference in maintaining perfect temperature and protecting your furnishings from harmful UV rays.

Here are my five go-to selections for dressing windows in ways that beat the heat and look totally in-step with your interior design:

1. Draperies

Custom drapes are a great look for homes with classic decor, and they can be made from absolutely any fabric you like. While a heavier fabric will block the sun on its own, rich silks or taffetas can be designed with lining and interlining to add a layer of insulation that keeps the heat of the day at bay. We now offer some new fabrics with blackout fused on them that have a natural sunblock built right in!


2. Solar Shades

If you have a great view through a picture window but can’t stand the heat and glare during the day, solar shades can be your answer. These low-profile shades are made in an array of colors with a special screening fabric that provides privacy and heat blockage while still allowing you to look clearly out onto your landscape. Automation on these are an added bonus, particularly for taller windows, and for consistent raising and lowering.

3. Window Tinting

If you’re worried about the sun fading valuable furniture upholstery or rugs in your home, professional window tinting can be a lifesaver. It’s another way to maintain a view through picture windows, and it’s an especially great choice for sleek, modern rooms where you need a fabric-free, minimalist window solution. We often layer this with drapery treatment so that when drapes are open, interiors are still protected from harsh sunlight.

4. Shutters

Plantation shutters come in any shape and custom color you can imagine, and they can be made in many materials. My favorites are wood made with wide slats. They deliver a stately architectural look both inside and from the curb and can be combined with light drapes for a softened look.


5. Soft Shades

Fabric shades are a great way to accent your room with a beautiful prints, textures, or color. I especially like the look of a decorative soft shade as an accent in a room with a single window — perhaps a powder room or laundry area. These are equally pretty both as a fully-functioning treatment or as a “faux” stationary application to compliment any one of the above treatments.

If you’re discouraged by the lack of options at your local home store, don’t despair. Working with a professional interior designer gets you access to a nearly endless range of fabrics and luxurious custom window treatments, plus some new perspective. You also get a unified look throughout your home, so it’s definitely an investment worth making!

Contact Nicole Arnold Interiors and we’ll discuss your entire space with a one-on- one interior design consultation. Get that perfectly designed, and cool, comfortable home that you love.