3 Ways to Achieve Your Interior Design Goal

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So, you’re thinking about redesigning your Frisco home or office… How do you want to reach your interior design project’s goal? In my years of interior design experience, I’ve observed three primary approaches homeowners use to get things done:

1. On Your Own:  Going DIY

Do-it-yourself design is often considered the budget-friendly option because you don’t invest in labor or design services. Flying solo can appeal to the more creative types who prefer full control in implementing a strong sense of their personal style. With this option, you’re on your own for any research, shopping, and labor and, as a result, there can be some drawbacks.

DIY design can have hidden costs. If you make an error with a purchase or, worse, encounter a structural aspect of your home that requires an expensive fix, the price tag can surpass your original plans.  Another potential pitfall is relying on store personnel for their expertise.  Store associates have limited interior design experience, and a narrower selection of choices for products and materials. A full-time professional interior designer will work to understand your style and deliver a unique result.

2. With Guidance:  Hiring a Design Consultant

If you’re unsure or overwhelmed by all the choices on your Pinterest boards and Houzz “wish list,” find a design consultant to work with.  It can be a sound investment. A consultant is willing to step in and help you figure out the look you’re going for based on your needs and tastes.  She will point you in the right direction for some of your furniture shopping by creating color palettes for each room and lists of what you need to buy.

Often consultants will travel with you to stores or markets and offer on-the-spot guidance. The consultant will first create a basic look for your room(s). After finding the right items, you can either tackle the execution side of the project yourself or get some outside help.  This option is a great choice for people who are handy around the house. If you like to be in control of your own space, but want to take advantage of a professional designer’s keen eye, go with a consultant to confirm your ideas. Some designers, our firm included, offer in-home assistance to get the placement and design idea executed just right.

3. Full Service: Hiring a Professional Interior Designer


Full-service interior design is a lifesaver for busy people who want a beautiful home.  It’s exciting to work with a dedicated professional who orchestrates a project to completion. An interior designer collaborates with you to design the room to match your taste.  The creative work and project management is her responsibility. With access to fabrics, furniture, and accessories that the general public does not, an interior designer creates a customized space of your dreams.

The best part is the designer contributes unique and beautiful ideas a homeowner would not have even considered. Overseeing  experts to complete the labor portions of the project, a full-service interior designer allows you to relax and enjoy the process with little to no stress.


Before diving into your next interior project, consider your preferred design execution style. Only you can decide how much you’d like to invest and how much work you’re willing to take on yourself.

At Nicole Arnold Interiors, I recommend that people think about interior design as a continuum of services.  Once you connect with the right designer, you’ll receive as much or  as little guidance as you want.

So tell me in the “Leave a Reply” box below, if you were to redesign your home or office, what would be your preference?

  1. I’d like to do it all myself.
  2. I’d prefer to hire a consultant to help shape the vision, but do the rest on my own.
  3. I’d want to have a professional to help create a unified room and design.