3 Stacks BBQ in Frisco

3 Stacks Exterior and Entrance

Memphis, ho hum… Kansas City, meh… Frisco?  You found it!

Giving any one place the title “Best BBQ” is bound to be a little controversial, especially in Texas, but head out to 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House and give it a try.  As for the best BBQ in Frisco, we’ll let you decide.

3 Stacks sits on the east side of Preston Road just north of John Hickman Parkway.  The location is easy to miss if you don’t keep your eyes open since the restaurant sits back off Preston road a bit, yet that “hidden-ness” also adds to the experience.

From the outside, you’ll notice the distinctive three stacks of smoke coming out of the roof (wild guess: that’s where the name came from) and an exterior that screams “Great BBQ inside… Time for chow!

Come On In

3 Stacks Patio

As you saunter in from a long day of driving cattle (or a keyboard), you’ll see the front, lattice-covered, patio with plenty of seating on a nice day.  There’s something about BBQ and “outside” that just go hand-in-hand.  But don’t worry, for those scorching hot summer days, rainy days, or even the few cold winter ones we get, 3 Stacks has a great indoor dining room.

Get Your Grub On!

When you first wander inside the front door, you’ll find a clean and modern ambience that welcomes you while retaining a distinctive “BBQ joint” atmosphere without being kitschy about it.

Turn to the left and you’ll go through the line to pick out your food.  At first glance, the set up looks cafeteria-modest but don’t let that fool you.  The mouth-watering morsels that await are anything but.

3 Stacks Bar

The bar is located in the back of the dining room and is well-stocked with good beers on tap, and several TV’s so you don’t miss any of the game.  We also like the bar because the 30+ beers on tap includes local breweries. Beer and BBQ… does it get any better?

Now For That Amazing BBQ

3 Stacks Ribs and Smoked Turkey

I usually save the best for last, but I have to just dive in and tell you about the ribs.  Meaty, tender, cooked to perfection.  If you’re a rib-lover, you just died and gone to heaven.  The ribs are the flagship food here, and you’ll be missing out if you don’t try them.  So, grab some napkins and get messy!  You won’t regret it.

Rule #1:  No sauce on ribs. “If they’re cooked right, they don’t need it.”  ~~Trace Arnold (a.k.a. The Rib Whisperer, Founder of 3 Stacks)  

3 Stacks also has the array of BBQ you would expect:  hickory sausages (try the jalapeno sausage), pulled pork, smoked turkey, brisket, chicken and more.  All with a unique 3 Stacks flavor and cooked perfectly.

3 Stacks BBQ Chicken Pizza

If you’re looking for something a little different, try the Slow Smoked BBQ Chicken pizza, which also makes a great appetizer to share. Tangy sauce, tender chicken, and thin crust made this the best BBQ chicken pizza I’ve had… bar none.

No BBQ is complete without an array of side dishes and 3 Stacks continues to impress.  The Cheesy Corn Bake, with corn pulled off the husk every day was a stand-out, but their baked beans, 6 Cheese Mac n’ Cheese, and Twice Baked Potato Salad were all top-notch.   We tried so many that I can’t even remember everything we ate,  but there wasn’t a thing I didn’t like.

3 Stacks Granny Smith Apple Pie

Green leafy stuff (a.k.a. salad) isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you go out for BBQ, but here they also excelled. The Lemon Kale Slaw amazed us with its sweet and fresh flavor.

By the time we got this far into the meal, it was all I could do to get a couple of bites of dessert in me.  However, I found the motivation when I sank my teeth into the Granny Smith Apple Pie-bbler.  Just do it…

The Magic That Makes 3 Stacks Special, And You A Meal Hero

First, 3 Stacks lives by three very important rules.

  1. No sauce on ribs. They don’t need it, if they’re cooked right, and 3 Stacks nails that.

For Rules 2 & 3, you’ll have to head in and ask Trace himself.  : ) He’s quite a character, and this cowboy knows how to cook!  Trace also has a philosophy about great BBQ that drives how he does business:

 “Great BBQ doesn’t stop a great meat.  It’s the whole experience which also means great sides and great desserts. We don’t skimp on anything.

Across the board, 3 Stacks lives up to the high expectations they set for themselves and of Texas BBQ.  I have traveled the country and try BBQ from every corner (I lived in Austin too, and yes, there is some good BBQ there, but…), I have never found any place I like better than what I had at 3 Stacks.

Whether you’re looking for great BBQ any old day, a place to take guests from out-of-town that will make them feel like they’re really in Texas, or want to challenge your friends to who has the best BBQ, head to 3 Stacks, you won’t be disappointed.

And, tell Trace we sent you… .Because once you go, you’ll feel just like old friends.

A little more about Trace:

3 Stacks Manager Justin and Founder Trace Arnold “The Rib Whisperer”

This cowboy is Texas-born and bred.  He grew up on a dude ranch and spent 25 years managing thousands of parties and feeding hundreds of thousands of people outstanding Texas BBQ.  In 1997, he created The Ultimate Smoker & Grill (you have to see this thing) – the world’s largest smoker and grill on wheels – a mammoth 18-wheeler that can slow smoke more than 2,000 lbs of meat, 1,000 hot dogs, 500 hamburgers or 200 steaks at one time.  He recently garnered national attention for his charity work during the Boston Marathon bombing and West fertilizer plant tragedies.

Fresh off the road with the History Channel and the “Cross Country Cookout”, Trace has another large stage to perform from… 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House in Frisco.  Arnold, along with his partner, Jason Hall, opened 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House in February 2013.  The namesake of the restaurant is attributed to the three large smokers that welcome diners upon entrance, each dedicated to a different selection of meat.  With Trace as the pitmaster, 3 Stacks has quickly became part of the conversation when BBQ fans discuss the finest Texas BBQ around.  3 Stacks counter-punch to The Rib Whisperer’s BBQ wizardry is their massive bar offering 30+ tap craft beer selections from local breweries to fine beers from Alaska.


SUN – THU 11AM – 10PM
FRI – SAT 11AM – 11PM
Exception: During games we will stay open until the game ends.



4226 Preston Rd, Frisco, TX 75034‎

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