4 Places to Adopt a Four-Legged Friend in Frisco

Are you considering adding a furry four-legged friend to your family? Whether you’re partial to dogs or cats, pets make great companions, helping to prevent loneliness, and studies show they’re also beneficial for your children’s immune systems!

Personally, I’m partial to dogs because they help to keep the family healthy and active (because as we know Rover likes to be walked!). And while the risk of crime within Frisco might be lower than other cities, dogs provide an effective home invasion deterrent. I feel safer being at home because I have a dog to protect me. It’s no wonder dogs are considered man’s best friend!

We’re fortunate in Frisco to have ample parks and trails for our dogs to frolic! Have you been to the recently expanded Frisco Dog Park, Ruff Range?

Where can you adopt a dog in (or near) Frisco?

There are great pet stores, rescue centers, and agencies around the Dallas Ft. Worth area. Here are three at the top of my list.

Mazie’s Mission

Mazie’s Mission in Frisco is a nonprofit veterinary clinic established in 2014 to reduce the euthanizing rate for dogs and cats in the community. The organization assists nonprofit animal rescues and shelters by providing reduced medical care.

Some of the animals are in poor condition when they’re rescued, which requires extensive surgery and rehabilitation. Due to the financial expense of rendering care for animals with special needs, the organization holds events to offset the cost and relies heavily on community donations.

Mazie’s holds pet adoptions on the second Saturday of every month at PetSmart in West Frisco from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

DFW Labrador Retriever Rescue Club

If you’re looking for a Lab, DFW Lab Rescue has a great reputation. The organization was established in 1997, and rescues and rehabilitates three hundred plus homeless Labrador Retrievers per year. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the organization rescued seven dogs.

How the Rescue Club Works

The Labradors are first placed into foster homes to determine their personality, health conditions, and human interaction. Some of the Labradors are placed in foster homes with other pets, sometimes cats, and often times children. During this period the Labradors can be found on the DFW Lab Rescue page listed as coming soon, and later are placed on the available page.

If you’re not in a hurry and looking for a Labrador that is six months or older, DFW Lab Rescue is a great option to consider.

When we knew we we were ready for a dog, the first place we started our search with was DFW Lab Rescue,” said Shannon Gauger, local resident and family-focused blogger. “They have so many great dogs of all ages and the fosters homes do such a wonderful job to match you with your fur-ever friend! We really enjoyed meeting the volunteers and the dogs. They hold regular meet and greets, and we fell in love with every dog!”

The organization also receives puppies periodically that can be adopted once they are weaned.

As an applicant, you have the ability to be choosy. The adoption process typically takes anywhere from two weeks to a year, depending on your selected criteria.  (Pictured at right is my new lab rescue, Gretchen!)

DFW Lab Rescue’s formal Adoption Process, including related fees, the home study, and Characteristics of a Forever Home are thoroughly outlined on their website.

Legacy Humane Society

If a Lab isn’t the dog for you, consider Legacy Humane Society. The organization was established in 2008 to rescue unwanted, abandoned, or lost dogs and cats.

Legacy Humane Society offers a wide array of dog breeds in all ages and sizes. Puppies require a minimum donation of $250. Adult dogs (over six months old to six years) require a donation of $200. Senior dogs (over six years old) require a minimum donation of $150. The adoption process is similar to DFW Lab Rescue, but the average turnaround time from application to adoption is typically within seventy hours. If you’re looking to obtain a pet quickly, Legacy Humane Society might be for you.

An Adoption Success Story 

Jellybean (pictured below) was a pregnant Labrador mix breed rescued by Legacy Humane Society. While staying with her foster family, she gave birth to four puppies that had to be bottle fed. After Jellybean weaned her puppies, she was adopted by Kendra, a teacher who works for a private school for children with Autism. Jellybean goes to school each day with Kendra and sits by her desk.

The children are allowed to take turns sitting with her while Kendra teaches. Some of the children have difficulty communicating and processing their feelings. One particular child was having a challenging day due to one of her parents having surgery.

The little girl sat by Jellybean for the day and talked with her about her parent’s surgery and was finally able to relax. Jellybean appears to be therapeutic for the children, offering comfort and support to them.

Habitat 4 Paws

Habitat 4 Paws is a foster based rescue group that pulls dogs and cats from high kill shelters to find them forever homes. They’re 100% volunteer-based and dedicated to the care and making sure these precious babies find the perfect forever home.

All dog and cats receive full vetting, microchip, and spay/neuter as well as a heartworm preventative. They offer a 5 day home trial before adoption to ensure the best fit for the family and the pet.

A few things to consider before adopting a dog

The decision to adopt a dog can create dilemmas. Should I go to a pet store or adopt from a rescue center? Should I get a puppy or an adult dog? What kind of breed is right for me?

To date, I’ve owned two Labrador Retrievers, both of which were acquired as puppies. Full disclosure: My first Labrador, Mac, ate through walls. Our current Labrador, Sugar, chewed every spindle on our deck attached to our previous home in Kansas City. Regardless of their destructive nature, you’ve got to love a good Lab! The breed is kid-friendly, patient, loving, and willing to please.

When you rescue a dog, watch out, because they might rescue you!