3, 2, 1… Countdown2Escape

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Do have what it takes… to ESCAPE?!? Can you and your friends find a way out within one hour?

By solving a series of puzzles using your deduction skills and clues found throughout the room, Countdown2Escape holds a unique experience for people of all ages (8 years and up) that utilizes brainpower and teamwork.

What?!? You’ve never heard of an “escape room”?

Escape rooms are a multiperson experience, unlike anything you have done before. With either friends or strangers, your team is tasked with solving an elaborate series of puzzles inside a single room in an attempt to beat the clock and WIN!

At Countdown2Escape in Frisco, each room has a custom-theme. Utilizing the clues you find, you and your team will piece together the clues to find the “treasure” and get out of the room… All before the one-hour time limit is up.

Lifestyle Frisco Team at Countdown2Escape

With three unique and challenging scenarios, there is always an opportunity for you and your team to test your wit, creativity, and teamwork:

  1. Return to Cabin-Fever:  One day on a weekend trip through East Texas, you come to a small town, one that you overheard a conversation at a gas pump about. Here, there resides a cabin that has been abandoned for many years. The part that really sparks your interest, however, is that there is rumored to be a large stash of money inside from Sam Bass, an old train robber who used to live in the area. After looking it up, you found that his biggest grab was about $60,000 in one robbery alone, but it is said some of it was never found. So you decide you want to take your best and brightest group of friends and go find the money. Can you find the money hidden in the cabin? 
  2. Cold War Games: After a miscommunication between Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev in 1972, you and your special forces team have been called to action to disable a nuclear launch initiated by a rogue agent at a small military facility in Nebraska. The place has been cleared out of all military, scientists, and researchers so you and your team can work effectively. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to disarm the nuclear missile aimed straight for Russia before they catch word of its launch.
  3. Mafia’s Casino:  Channel your own “Oceans 11” team by breaking into the Mafia’s casino cashiers office to steal all the money and valuables inside the safe. You have a friend that works at a casino in town, but it isn’t just any casino, it is the one casino EVERYBODY goes to which makes it the one with the biggest bank vault in the city. He tells you that the guards have certain shifts and when their breaks are, where the cameras are, and even where the money is kept. With just enough information to get you started, are you confident enough to break in to steal the money and leave without anyone noticing? Channel your own “Oceans 11” team by breaking into a casino’s cashiers office to steal all the money and valuables inside the safe.

    Lifestyle Frisco Team at Countdown2Escape

    In addition to a fun family and friends outing, Countdown2Escape is an unique and fun team-building experience for any company. Each room only holds 10 players at a time, so it’s perfect for a company’s business unit or specialized team. And, hey… don’t forget about your clients. Reward them for doing business with you by choosing an escape room experience for a team at their company.

    None of the Countdown2Escape rooms are scary. Don’t worry… their rooms are extremely family- and corporate-friendly. Vetted by multiple organizations and corporations, Countdown guarantees there’s nothing scary or offensive in any of their rooms. (So, no zombies, blood, or gore).

    Full disclosure: The Lifestyle Frisco team played the “Cold War Games” room on September 6, 2017, and we had a BLAST! Finding all the clues and turning off the launch sequence, we WON with six minutes and twelve seconds to spare! Our team works virtually and most of our team had never met each other. This event was the most fun we could have had, plus the staff at C2E were gracious hosts and incredibly helpful.

    Monday through Saturday  12noon – 10PM
    Sunday  12noon – 8PM

    Downtown Frisco
    6963 Main Street,  Frisco, TX  75034