12 Things To Do In Frisco in 2016

When you live in one of the fastest growing cities in the country year after year, it’s easy to miss some of the amazing things happening right in front of you.

In addition to all of the new things coming our way, Frisco does a better job than many communities maintaining a sense of it’s own history.

We have an explosion of commercial developments like Wade Park, The Star, The Gate, and Frisco Station. We also have art & culture, outdoors and more unique bars and restaurants opening up.

And sports… lots and lots of sports!

Frisco has something for everyone. Which makes it hard to pick a list of 12, but we’ll do our best! And if you feel like we missed something that should be on the list, just drop us a comment below.

In no particular order, if you do one of these per month you’ll knock them all out before 2017 is beating on your door.

1. Visit the Frisco Heritage Center

The Frisco Heritage Center has done a fantastic job of capturing Frisco History. Perusing old pictures in the museum, walking through the buildings like the old train depot, or taking in any number of the activities they have makes Frisco Heritage Center a great family experience. You can also rent some of the facilities for special events.

The Frisco Heritage Center is located just east of the Frisco City Hall and Library on Page Street.

2. High School Football Games

While not unique to Frisco, High School Football in Texas has lore all it’s own. And thanks to the State Championship run by Lone Star High School Frisco had a historic year. The triple-overtime semi-final game was one of the most exciting games at any level most of us have ever seen.

All of that bodes well for the level of play we’ll be seeing out of Frisco teams in the future. So even if you don’t have a kid in school, make your way out to any of the number of Frisco ISD High School games next fall and enjoy watching them play.

Speaking of which, you’ll have less excuse than normal not to do this in 2016, because starting next year, on Thursday and Friday nights the new Cowboys Headquarters “The Star” will be hosting Frisco games. So take in a little football and The Star all at once.

3. Frisco StarFest

Image courtesy Mike Durkin

I’m personally biased to this one because I could endlessly look up at the stars on any clear night and get lost in the scale of it all. Frisco StarFest is a regularly occurring event in Frisco Commons Park that many of our residents don’t know about.

It happens on the second Saturday of each month, weather permitting, and is free. It’s an awe-inspiring opportunity to peer out into the universe though any one of about a dozen telescopes that are set up. It’s also a chance to stay out late while jamming in an educational opportunity for the kids.

4. Skate the Square/Christmas in the Square

Image Copyright LK Photography Used with Permission

You’re almost out of time this year but you could technically kick off the list with this one until January 4th. If not, you’ll have to wait until next November 2016. Either way, out door skating rinks are not too common in Texas so we’re lucky to have on here in Frisco for the holidays. Bundle up and enjoy the season with a little ice skating in Frisco Square.

5. Spend a day in Old Downtown Frisco

There’s so much to love about old Downtown Frisco that I had to put it all under one item. If you haven’t hit the stretch of Main Street between First Street and County Road it’s time for a visit. It’s an area with a lot of character, Frisco history, and cozy spots. Visit any of the number of shops & boutiques, have a meal at Randy’s Steakhouse (built into a historic home), sip wine at Eight | 11, or hang with the gang at Stan’s Mainstreet.

If it’s uniquely local flavor you want, then old Downtown Frisco is the place to go. We hope to see more small businesses popping up there soon.

6. Take in local live music

Image courtesy Photography by Clean

When someone says “local live music” you probably think “Austin” or maybe “Deep Ellum” but Frisco has a fantastic array of places to take in some very talented local musicians. Some of our favorites include eSpiritu, Dodie’s Live, Stan’s Mainstreet (6 days a week) and Grover’s. If it’s live music you want, of just about any style, you can find it in Frisco almost any night of the week.

7. Take in all of the best burger joints in Frisco

This might not be the healthiest activity but there is always a good run in our annual Best Burger in Frisco, Reader Choice Awards. But how can you objectively vote if you haven’t tried them all? So try to squeeze in all 10 (or 11 with our honorable mention) and get ready to vote again in September.

8. Music in the Square

One of our favorite events every year, Frisco Square hosts some amazing DFW bands on 4 Saturday nights in June. The concert series is held on the lawn of Simpson Plaza in front of city hall.

Bring a blanket, pack a cooler, and enjoy beautiful evenings and live music outdoors.

See past line-ups from Music in the Square.

9. Take in one game with all of our professional sports teams

Frisco has one major league team, the FC Dallas soccer team, and two minor-league teams, the Frisco Roughriders baseball team, and the Texas Legends basketball teams. All of them provide fun, family friendly environments, and a night out that won’t break the bank.

The Roughriders have been here the longest and many of us regularly attend their games in the summer. Dr. Pepper Ballpark is one of the nicest minor-league parks out there.

But you can get a similar experience at the Texas Legends as well. Lot’s of kids activities, and you’ll get to see some talented up-and-coming basketball players as well as the occasional Mav’s player that comes down for a few games.

If soccer is your thing, the be sure to take in a game at Toyota Stadium.

Try to hit all three this year for the Frisco sports trifecta!

10. Visit the National Videogame Museum

Open January 2016, the National Videogame Museum will be open in the back part of the Frisco Discovery Center. It’s an honor for Frisco to have the opportunity to be home to the NVG which will be about much more than just old games. The NVG will be a place to learn about the videogame industry’s rich history, where it’s heading next, and how you can be a part of it.

There’s no denying videogames are big business and have had a major impact on culture and entertainment. It’s even more fun to see how much they’ve advanced in a relatively short time.

11. Have coffee with the Mayor

The Mayor’s Office hosts Coffee with the Mayor on the second Monday of each month from 8am – 9am. The event is open to the public and is a great opportunity to meet the Mayor in person for some casual conversation.

Whether you have an opinion to register, or just want to meet the Mayor in person, you’ve got an open invite.

Coffee with the Mayor resumes January 11, 2016.

12. Visit Frisco Library

The Frisco Public Library is hands-down, one of Frisco most overlooked resources. Our modern library is so much more than just checking out books. They host an array of activities, have app enabled their inventory, host exploratory language groups, adult education classes and certifications, and much more. If you haven’t stopped in to check it out, make it a point to get there in 2016.

Bonus Ideas:

Take in the Hall Office Park Art Tour

If you’re into art then you should know about the art at Hall Office park. Owner Craig Hall is a patron of the arts and has built quite a collection that is on display through out the complex. Hall Office Park is home to the Texas Sculpture Garden, and you can see the map and tour in a dowloadable pdf.

The art tour is open to the public and free of charge. The outside garden open daily dawn to dusk; inside open weekdays 9 to 5.


There is a lot going on in Frisco and the citizens of Frisco can voice their opinions in many ways. Sadly, voting in local elections has a dismal turn out, often in the low single-digit percentages. There are a few voting opportunities coming up this year, so make 2016 the year you get out and take just a few minutes to vote when they roll around. Keep your eyes on Lifestyle Frisco and we’ll keep you posted on the issues, election dates, and times.