10 Ways to Celebrate Science in Frisco

As a parent and teacher, I’m always looking for teachable moments to integrate science into our everyday experiences. Science can be found everywhere!

Trace your shadow multiple times over the course of the day and discuss why it changes. Make giant bubbles and watch them float until they burst. Watch the sunset and discuss the cloud cover. Maybe even just talk about the weather!

There’s no better time than National Science Day to get our kids excited about applied science!

Where can kids learn about Science in Frisco?

Parks and Recreation

Whether it’s the new Frisco Skate Park, the Cottonwood Creek Park, or the Ruff Range Dog Park, get out and explore! Talk about the water features, the plants, and the creatures you encounter. When you walk, skate, or ride through a park, you can find science at every turn. Bring a magnifying glass, or incorporate a scavenger hunt into the fun!

Check out the Frisco Fun guide for various youth classes, camps and other program offerings related to science, technology, engineering, art, and math!

Frisco Public Library

Ask a Librarian to direct you to the many Science-themed books on the Children’s floor! Did you know you can check out a STEM backpack full of great activities relating to weather, the human body, magnetism, or outer space (among others)?

For kids age five and under, enjoy the STEM depot in the Read to Read Railroad to engage in early science concepts, such as making observations, questioning, sorting, patterning, simple math and more.

Frisco Starfest

Texas Astronomical Society holds once monthly free star-gazing parties where members and guests can get together to observe and educate others about the night sky. Save the date for the next event on March 10th at Frisco Commons Park. Approximately one dozen telescopes will be set up to look at planets, stars, and other celestial wonders.

Learning Express Toys

Visit Frisco’s newest toy shop and be in awe of the fact that chemistry sets of the past are now bigger and better than ever. You can build your own solar-powered rover, grow crystals, or even buy a rock tumbler.

Sci-Tech Discovery Center

Frisco’s Sci-Tech science museum provides opportunities for kids of all ages to learn in both permanent and temporary exhibits that are sure to spark a child’s imagination time and time again. Sci-Tech is on a mission to inspire bright ideas through hands-on discovery experiences in the essential areas of math, science, and technology to kids of all ages.

Frisco Fire Safety Town

Fire Safety Town includes an interactive fire engine, and a “safety house”, where children explore and learn about home hazards, severe weather, and more. Kids can learn how to put out various types of fires and discover why certain items catch fire quicker than others. They’ll meet firefighters, learn about smoke detectors and discuss what to do if a fire happens at home.

Little Humans Big Fun

Frisco’s newest unique, indoor play area features rotating exhibits and hands-on activities designed for kids ages 18 months to 8 years. STEAM interactives (science, technology, engineering, art, math) engage the brain while providing hours of entertainment and new discoveries at every turn and during every visit.

Photo courtesy of Little Humans Big Fun

Fannin Tree Farm

Visit the tree farm and talk about the water cycle and photosynthesis, or walk the aisles and discuss how some trees lose their leaves while others do not. While you’re there, you’ll be hard-pressed to leave without a new tree. Fannin’s customer service team is highly knowledgeable.


The go-to place for enrichment activities for children in Frisco, with opportunities such as Young Scientist Labs, Robotics, and STEAM-related activities. Contact them for rates and availability for their special experiences, classes, and camps.

Shades of Green

Stop by Shades of Green, a local nursery specializing in organics, native and well-adapted plants and trees. Grab first dibs on the herbs before the spring rush! Walk up and down the aisles, indoors and outdoors. Read the tags and talk about why different plants require particular soils, sunlight, and pots. Feel free to ask questions as the staff is very friendly and always ready to teach you everything they know!

Bonus: You can always dive into to find a ton of science experiments that you do right at home. And check out these science jokes for kids!

This time with our children will be over before we know it and we have to soak in every moment of wonder and awe while we can.  Enjoy your family-friendly applied sciences, Frisco!