Where is the lively conversation that FOL used to have?


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The nation has been divided for a while now, remember the 2000 election? And there has been a big push by the political managers to drive the nation further into each corner making those in the middle outcasts to everyone else. One person on here said I should be killed for my opinion and I consider myself an independent.

My friends, my family and I have not changed, the politics has changed. I can show an old Reagan video that would show Reagan is a Liberal in today's politics. The massive misinformation levels have changed. Real News is fake news and fake news is real news.

The vitriol is not just on FOL, its everywhere that has an open forum. No conversations, just personal attacks. I'm sure no one came here to get into a fight... except maybe Yukon Jack.

But if every opinion is required to be wrapped in 'left' or 'right' wrapping paper, then no one will listen. Once you are attacked by a gang of posters, then slowly you find yourself attacking others in ways that you don't speak in real life.

Its wrong to blame FOL or its owners for how we treat each other. We just need to own it.


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I ask this every so often, but here I go again. Seems like FOL isn't the chatty place it used to be. Facebook is terribly hard to follow thoughtful conversations and the FOL page isn't really like a forum. So, where are the good Frisco conversations nowadays? Still here? TIA
No chatty behavior observed in years. Only both ends of the spectrum: solve-my-problem to pointless-disagreement.


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Keep it up guys... we're slowly working through the technical issues on the merger but ...

We have plans (and lots of discussions) around driving more discussion, especially productive, meaningful, and fun discussion, here in the forums. So keep chatting and stick with us.
It's been so long since I've been on here that I'm shocked at how little conversation there is. I had to re-register as I no longer have the email I once used and can't remember the password. I wish it were the FOL of old.