Police and Fire vehicles on Canoe


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My daughter just told me they won't let anyone into Centennial High School either. She said she heard something about a shooting or gunman??
Yes the police just came knocking on my door. Were not saying at all what happened but I thought I saw evidence markers at the end of the alley where the crime scene tape was.
Its at the end of the alley opposite of Stern street. The street was blocked off from the alley btwn Ship and Stern to the street just west of Stern.
Police on scanner says it is a homicide investigation. Dallas PD chopper on the way to help search.

Edit: As far as I can tell, there is a lot of chatter. Don't hold me to it.
from WFAA

3 Frisco schools in lockdown after area shooting
Gunstream Elementary, Wester Middle School and Centennial High School have all been placed on lockdown as police search for a gunman after a shooting in the area just before 10 a.m. More details to come.


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I cant hear the feed well at work- was it an argument and a guy ran off from the cops? Why all THREE schools are they near each other?


Yes, these schools are very close to one another. Wester and gunstream are only a few blocks (if not closer) and Centennial is about 1/2 mile (if not less) away