Apartment requires shot record of Indoor cat???

My sons moved into an apartment and can't bring the cat until they prove he has been vaccinated. He's an indoor cat.

And a 400.00 deposit for a declawed cat.

Does all of this sound right?



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Not surprising.

If the cat gets out, they want to make sure its vaccinated.

And the deposit seems in line. Even decalwed cats poop, pee, etc. And can damage the apartment.


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Deposit, sounds about right. Shot record, never heard of that. I have 2 dogs, they never asked for a record but then again how old are your sons? Hate to say it but when you have a mature older person with a pet they tend to look a little harder at those that are a bit younger.

The only thing I can remember is my sister had to have her cat vaccinated for distemper I believe but they didn't stop her from moving in and never followed up. That was in Houston..


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Deposit sounds right but I've never had to show proof of vaccinations. Maybe they just want rabies? If it is an indoor cat there isn't much need for vaccinations but rabies is required by the state so it makes perfect sense that they want to ensure compliance on their property for that. If they require any other vaccines I'd be calling foul on that.


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My apt required a $400 pet dep per pet plus a $15 per month per pet rent.

No vet records though

My cat was so much destructive than my dog. He used to climb the wall and bite at the carpet corners. I gave the cat to a friend who wanted him and my dog was sick so we don't have him anymore- no refunds but no more pet rent.

I have a clause that states even if I babysit a pet that $400 is to be paid.

It's better than teenager deposit, IMO they are far more destructive than pets lol