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  1. van

    Merry Christmas FOL

    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Day with your family! Remember, it’s not about the gifts, it’s about the food. Don’t screw up the feast! :)
  2. van

    Well hello FOL!

    Any old timers still here?
  3. van

    Happy Thanksgving folks

    I know everyone is about to get into the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, through Christmas. Take some time to love on your family and friends. They really are what it’s all about . Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and blessed Christmas season
  4. van

    ELO tickets free

    I have 2 tickets to ELO tonight at AAC at 8pm. Section 208, row F, seats 13 and 14. I bought these for my husband for his Valentine’s Day gift, but we won’t be going. I can transfer them electronically, just text me at 469-396-6675
  5. van

    Merry Christmas FOL’ers!

    Hope y’all are having a wonderful Christmas with your family and loved ones! Eat more! There’s still time !
  6. van

    Recommendations for family therapist

    Looking for a recomendation for my teenage son. Local if possible. Thanks!
  7. van

    Man this place is quiet!

    Where's everyone at? I know you're all not over in politics. Or maybe you are, and have lost the will to live! We we should plan a old school Happy Hour this summer! Everyone to Rebels house! He has beer and a pool
  8. van

    Biggest Loser Group Frisco!

    If you need some extra motivation to lose weight, how about a pile of cash? We're starting up another 12 week friendly competition this weekend. If you want in, just join the Facebook page "BIGGEST LOSER GROUP FRISCO" for details. It's a 12 week program where you do your own thing to lose...
  9. van

    How's your New Year so far?!

    :dirol: Kids are back in school........SCORE! Homework and whining has commenced.....CRUD! Snow coming Friday? UGH. I'm not listening to Pete Delkus anymore But I stocked up on meat, just in case oh, and I got tons of cereal too. So the kids have something to eat
  10. van

    Merry Christmas !

    Wishing everyone a lovely day surrounded with your families and friends!
  11. van

    Christmas giving request

    As usual this time of year I have over extended. Online, we took on adopting 3 families through Frisco Reach Out, to provide their kids with gifts this Christmas. Then our family got hit with a pet family health emergency last week, and we have been in ER vets since then. Im here asking for...
  12. van

    Looking for someone that works with metal

    i need some bar legs made for a counter (that we have). Who do I look for for that. Nothing fancy, just simple leg base. Thanks!
  13. van

    Biggest Loser Group Frisco

    We're starting up again this Saturday for a 10 week friendly weight loss competition! Any and all sizes are WELCOME! Look up our Facebook page , BIGGEST LOSER GROUP FRISCO. Join the group for more details.
  14. van

    Remember when......

    Remember when....... ...... people posted which Frisco neighborhood they lived in, you knew where it was... When it didn't take an hour to get from west Frisco to east frisco <oh one goes to east Frisco> Remember when the tollway bottlenecked into one lane after legacy. Good...
  15. van

    Back to school!

    I admit, this is my favorite day on Facebook, next to Halloween, for all the pictures! I was so apprehensive this year with my oldest going to high school. I was doing fine until he turned and asked in his breaking voice, "you gonna cry mom?" . Well I wasn't planning on it!! But...
  16. van

    Hummmmmmm Friday Confessions realsies

    I confess I don't think we live in Frisco today. I've had to use my brolly all day, what the? It's like being a pommie again I confess I didn't sleep last night knowing my freshman has his first marching show tonight. I confess he asked me not to embaress him. <tearing up the GO...
  17. van

    Clothing deal

    Just an FYI for local parents Our local Kroger, Custer and Eldorado, has their clothing 70% off with an extra 15% at checkout. My teen boys tshirts came down to $3. men's polos are about $6. Lots of selection, shorts etc. Theresa huge selection, right down to toddler sizes too
  18. van

    Friday confessions

    I confess this is late because I had a slave driver of a client today. But he brought me a milkshake, so all good. I confess yes, I will work for carbs. Who wouldn't? I confess, don't panic Frisco! I activated the bubble! No pesky rain over here! :pilot: I confess I didn't think...
  19. van

    Friday confessionados

    I confess band camp has been a butt whooping this week. Poor kid is losing 4 weeks of summer I confess having my kiddo go from a size 10 shoe to a 12 since May has kinda freaked me the heck out :scared: I confess I wanted so badly to adopt another Airedale this morning. But didn't want...
  20. van

    Friday fess'ups

    I confess I have reached my heat limit. Summer. Over it. It's too hot to walk from the car to the pool. I know, first world problems I confess I went to my first baseball game last night. I still can't figure out which is slower, that or cricket, or watching paint dry :talkintome: I...