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  1. Sumtingwong

    Facebook Question

    I don't do much FB, I got a request of someone "Want's To Connect" with you. It is where you get notifications. What exactly does that mean? Is that a scammer?
  2. Sumtingwong

    Frisco Police Department - Who runs them or controls them

    I was curious how it is set up in Frisco Is it the Mayor or do we have like a City Manager who they report to?
  3. Sumtingwong

    Thieves tie up Frisco family during violent home invasion

    Keep picking up Day Labors at Exxon and letting them into you house. I understand these people just got back from India. I am sure saving a few bucks on day labors was probably a factor. "A Frisco family is still shaken and fearful after a violent crime this week. Armed masked men broke into...
  4. Sumtingwong

    Ranch 99 Grocery Store in Frisco

    Does anyone have an update? They said it should be open by mid 2017. Preston and Warren is the area where they are building the grocery store.
  5. Sumtingwong

    Cash me Outside, How bow dah

    [No message]
  6. Sumtingwong

    Frisco School Rezoning

    I see they are having a meeting for the public on November 4th, it states only parents or students may address the board. Why don't they allow citizens of Frisco to address the board regarding rezoning. I see no reason for Frisco to go so far south into Plano all the way to Legacy to put in...