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    Appliance Refinishing

    Does anybody know where to get a refrigerator refinished (repainted)? Thanks
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    Seeking Receptionist Position FT or PT

    I have over 20 years experience in the medical industry. Looking for a full time or part time position in Frisco. I retired early and find that I am not ready to retire! I love the interaction with patients and staff. If you know of any positions or want someone who is dependable...
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    Part Time Front Office Medical Position

    Part time receptionist Is this position still open and if so is there an email address rather than a fax? Sandy
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    Exp Healthcare Administrator

    Thanks....I check Craigs List daily...just using all my networking that I can!
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    Exp Healthcare Administrator

    Looking for part time or temp work (healthcare field) in Frisco. Why hire a temp when you can hire me without all the costs of a temp agency. Exp in scheduling, ins. verification, check in, check out...mature and flexible! Sandy Krueger