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    Dog Trainer Recommendation?

    Looking for recommendations for an in-home trainer for our adopted terrier mix. He's around a year old. Thanks!
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    Late to the Pumpkin Game

    This might be a really dumb question but Google isn't answering it for me. Anyone know a store or gardening center or pumpkin patch where they're still selling pumpkins in the area?
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    Who has travel advice? London & Scotland

    We have an opportunity to spend 7 days across the pond and have never been. All we know at this point is that we will fly into Heathrow and fly out from Heathrow (essentially Saturday to Saturday). Our accommodations in St. Andrews are set and we'll dedicate 2-3 days there so my husband can...
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    Yellowstone / Grand Teton National Parks

    4 adults going to spend 2 days in each park in September. Other than hike/drive around to see the sights and critters - are there any "adventure" type activities we should consider? I'm really excited to get to see these beautiful places and am hoping we can make it as active as possible...
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    Security Alarm Assistance

    We recently moved into a new home and have a security alarm installed. I need to learn how to program it but do not necessarily want to sign up for monitoring. I have found the instruction manual that matches our keypad but can't seem to program it to accept a new code. Any suggestions for...
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    September in Florida Keys

    We've never been to the Keys before and would like to go there after visiting my parents in Naples in late September. There would be 4 adults and we'd plan to stay 3 or 4 nights. Would love a mid-to-high end resort recommendation that may have a dive shop on site. Any tips about the area and...
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    Maid Service - Vacant Home

    We just moved out of a rental house in West McKinney and want to have it professionally cleaned before handing the keys back over to the landlord. The house is completely empty so it should be a relatively easy job. Can anyone recommend a service that might be able to tackle this on...
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    Dinette Table, Chairs, Matching Bar Stools

    In perfect condition - ready to go! Maple table with four chairs. 42 inches round and has extension leaf to make it 60 inches long. Have 2 matching bar stools to take with it. $300 for everything. Pick up in West McKinney (El Dorado & Coit) or could possibly deliver. PM or email if...
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    Paint Color Selection Help?

    We are looking for a gray Sherwin Williams paint. We don't want anything too dark as it will be covering virtually all walls and ceilings in our new home (with the exception of a few rooms). We plan to have dark wood floors and dark kitchen cabinets with an almost white granite and extra...
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    Truck Question

    Husband has a 2010 Tundra with a bed /tailgate liner. Somehow the portion of the tailgate liner that covers the top lip of the tailgate has come off. Anyone have a great source for replacing just this piece? I'll be a rock star if I figure this one out ...
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    Recommend Movers Please!

    We are moving on Thanksgiving weekend and I'm lining up quotes for the move. Would love any recommendations based on personal experience. By the way ... somebody should start a company that handles everything from A to Z when you sell your home, lease a home for a short while until you...
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    Need Moving Boxes / Packing Supplies

    Looking for boxes and packing supplies that might be available for free. I'll come pick up as much as I can fit in my car. Can't check forum often, so feel free to text 214-505-0729 Thanks!
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    Long shot - anyone know what it is?

    On the west side of Custer Road just north if the entrance to Hunters Creek ... Started as what looked like a giant tarp laid out and staked down in the grass. Then it looks like they ran a flexible pipe from the nearby creek into the top of the tarp. Then the whole object began to expand and...
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    Gifts for Lake House

    Friends have recently purchased a lake house out at Bob Sandlin. I want to get a few "lake house warming" gifts and wonder if anyone knows of any local places that might sell lake house themed items. I know, random question - but if any group knows I suspect it would be FOL. Thanks!
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    Kitchen Update Questions

    Looking to update our 11 year old kitchen this year and have no idea how expensive this could be. No need to move any appliances or walls - just need to update floors, cabinets,and counters. Maybe some paint and crown molding unless we choose to do that ourselves. Want to convert from hardwood...
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    Happy Lab

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    Isaac Mizrahi

    ***? Ever want to punch him in the head? Yeah, me too.
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    Dancing With the Stars

    I'm sorry, but I think Dancing With the Stars is one of the dumbest shows on television. Ever. And, yes; I've seen Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Discuss.
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    FREE 36 Inch Toshiba TV

    Free for pick up in Stonebridge Ranch, McKinney. Not a flat screen and not HD but works perfectly. Will require two strong bodies to lift. PM if you're interested.
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    Greetings from Grenada

    I may never return...