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    Office / Customer Service Professional

    I have a referral for someone who is looking for PT office / cust service type work. Looking for 9-3 hours several days per week. College grad mom who is very dependable and great with customers.. PS PM me if you have or know of any opportunities in Frisco/ Plano
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    College Internship for Summer of 2016

    I know a college junior at Texas A&M who is looking for a paid summer internship somewhere in the DFW area. He would like sales / general business type of experience. Pls PM me for the details and connection.
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    Sr Sales Leader looking for a new opportunity

    I know of an exceptional Sales Leader who is looking for a new opportunity in N Texas area. This person is a successful leader of people who has been very successful growing revenue of over $190M & profit for many years. Great business acumen, great people skills, strategic and results...
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    In the market for a refrig. Anyone bought one in the last year or 2 that they would recommend? PLs provide brand name. All brands have good and bad reviews online
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    Great Service Business

    This is a great service for anyone who needs: grocery runs, pet walking, sitting ,etc.
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    Big Bear is AWESOME

    I am not an employee or relative of Big Bear's. I am however one very satisfied customer. My upstairs was getting hot. Big Bear came out quickly and determined that I needed a new coil. In short order he had the coil replaced and the upstairs was cold. While working on the unit, they...
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    Need to rent a recliner for a weekend

    I have a relative visiting in March who due to medical issues can only sleep in a recliner chair. The furniture rental places I talked to will only do 1 month min and i need for 4 days. Any suggestions?
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    Free Treadmill

    I have a Nordic Track treadmill that partially works but the electronics appear to need some work. You can have this for free, just pick it up from me. Respond to connect..
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    FC Dallas Coach needs to GO!!!

    Columbus beat up FCD badly tonight. This season was a disaster. The coaching was terrible. There were errors in strategy, placement, and basic ball handling skills that you would expect in week 1 but not end of season. Schellas has had the job for many years and has nothing to show for...
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    FC Dallas

    Schellas needs to go now. What a terrible bunch of decisions. The last 2 times Kenny Cooper was put int he lost a possession that lead to a score then he got a red card 45 secs on the field. The defense is always napping and not playing like a unit. This is coaching. I am done.
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    FCD Questionable Coaching

    FC Dallas continues to be plagued by poor coaching. The substitutions are terrible and at half time FCD is getting out adjusted by the opposition. Before the Schellas lovers jump in, let review the facts. LAst year you were giving him a pass due to injuries. This year, the injuries are...
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    FC Dallas Terrible

    Havent scored in forever Havent won in forever Terrible coaching - getting outwitted at halftime by opponents -Terrible substitutions. The team is in a free fall. Maybe it can be turned around but right now Schellas is NOT getting the job done. This team...
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    Whats happened to FC Dalla

    Started off the season strong then have been terrible lately. Have not won in 6 games and tied Chivas (worst team in league) at home. They look slow, sloppy and like they dont care. I wonder if Schellas has lost the team - again....