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    Ohio/Warren Roundabout update

    I spent 14 days in Iceland over the summer and collectively about 4 months in Europe over the last few years. Roundabouts are far better than 4 ways or traffic signals. However, it will take some "getting used to" for the US. Hopefully not too many accidents or episodes of road rage..
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    BREAKING: Collin County Commissioners call for $750 million bond referendum election in November

    NO NO NO to any taxes. Govt at every level and both parties have proven that they do not know how to spend / manage money. Its a drug that they are hooked on and the need a fix after a fix after a fix. Imaging how your personal finances would change if you could be irresponsible and then go...
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    Nothing funnier than watching old people ask questions about Facebook

    These sessions are NOTHING but an opportunity for the blowhards in DC to bloviate and get some face time for campaign videos.. Typical govt waste of time and money.
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    DUI for a council member

    11:30 on a Tuesday driving on Preston while drunk !! He needs to resign !!!!
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    Cash up front

    Reputable contractors have open accounts at supply houses and shouldnt need anything up front. If they need upfront $ to buy supplies, I would be hesitant.
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    Marijuana arrests - Are you safer?

    So there is no victim in prostitution? In some instances is it 2 consenting adults. In many cases its a female who has been coerced by a pimp so it can be a victim. Our posts highlight my exact point. A "meaningless" crime to one person is significant to another.. Slippery slope...
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    Marijuana arrests - Are you safer?

    Slippery slope when you start to try to define "meaningless crimes". Is shoplifting of $50.00 meaningless? Is prostitution meaningless? Is drunk driving meaningless? I travel to Denver frequently and the city is going down the tubes quickly with all of the "stoners". Think about the...
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    HELP! A/C dead and need advice

    Call Big Bear. He is very knowledgable in all of the brands and their reliability over the years. He's an honest guy who will give you great advice..
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    Full Service brokerage - bilking of my family

    Bonds also bring risk with them. Many bonds act like stock in that they will move up and down with the stock market. Its important to look at "duration" which is measured in years. The higher the duration, the more the fixed income security's price would fall if there is a rise in interest...
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    Handyman needed

    Jimmy Hoffa jokes in 3,2,1
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    Local High School Senior Needs Help!

    1042 Good luck
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    Handyman needed

    Call Bill. Great rates, quick response and no job too small.. 214-493-1948
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    FISD Property Tax Increase

    So the truth behind your motivation finally comes out.
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    FISD Property Tax Increase

    Kenny, you think everyone is obligated to spend THEIR money the way you think they should or you label them as "selfish". How sanctimonious of you. How others spend their money is none of your business. Its easy to be on a high horse and talk about how others should spend their money...
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    FISD Property Tax Increase

    What home people live in is none of your business. What people drive is none of your business. What people can afford is none of your business. What they chose to spend their money on is also none of your business. Its the voters money and not yours or any politicians and they chose...
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    Bank of America moving into The Star

    If Jerry & Co ran the team as well as they run the business, the Cowboys would be Superbowl Winners every year. He knows how to squeeze every penny out of his deals
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    basketball goal assembly

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    Good Handyman

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