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    Dog Trainer Recommendation?

    Looking for recommendations for an in-home trainer for our adopted terrier mix. He's around a year old. Thanks!
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    Local High School Senior Needs Help!

    Done! #1027 Good luck!
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    Late to the Pumpkin Game

    Shades of Green ... in case anyone else is looking!
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    Late to the Pumpkin Game

    This might be a really dumb question but Google isn't answering it for me. Anyone know a store or gardening center or pumpkin patch where they're still selling pumpkins in the area?
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    Who has travel advice? London & Scotland

    We leave for our adventure in under 2 weeks and we're really excited! Have all our flights, trains, hotels booked and will spend 2.5 days in St. Andrews at the beginning where we'll be staying in a private home and hubby will play a couple of rounds of golf and I'll choose from a day trips to...
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    Who has travel advice? London & Scotland

    Thanks again all! Any guidance on where NOT to stay in London? We don't need anything 5 star but want clean and safe for walking, pubs and local feel. Thought about trying Airbnb but I think that may be adding too many "new" experiences into one week. 😆
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    Who has travel advice? London & Scotland

    This information is so helpful! Overwhelming but really helpful - thank you!! We are definitely traveling between London and Scotland by train. But, it sounds like having a car while in Scotland might be worthwhile? I'd like to learn a little more about where to stay in Edinburgh and the...
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    Who has travel advice? London & Scotland

    We have an opportunity to spend 7 days across the pond and have never been. All we know at this point is that we will fly into Heathrow and fly out from Heathrow (essentially Saturday to Saturday). Our accommodations in St. Andrews are set and we'll dedicate 2-3 days there so my husband can...
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    Cocktails - Here Ye Here Ye!

    Vodka, Cranberry Juice Cocktail, 7-UP. Proportions grow larger to smaller from beginning of list to end as hours floating in the pool increase.
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    Relocating to Frisco,Tx

    My husband would be happy to work with you on your mortgage: David Kleypas with Gateway Mortgage 972.816.1028 And, have to cast my vote for making sure you have ample shade if you enjoy spending time outdoors. We are in our backyard most evenings this time...
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    Yellowstone / Grand Teton National Parks

    Thanks for all the tips! Might be interested in rafting, boating, horseback activities. If anyone has specific suggestions for outfitters or tours, let me know!
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    Yellowstone / Grand Teton National Parks

    If you only had two days in each, what would you choose to do?
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    Yellowstone / Grand Teton National Parks

    4 adults going to spend 2 days in each park in September. Other than hike/drive around to see the sights and critters - are there any "adventure" type activities we should consider? I'm really excited to get to see these beautiful places and am hoping we can make it as active as possible...
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    Any Must Do items for Cabo?

    +1 on The Office for breakfast. Might want to venture away from that portion of Medano Beach as activities ramp up during the day if you're sensitive to what your kids may see or hear. Otherwise, pull up a chair and watch the show!
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    VooDoo BBQ

    Hubby and I were pretty excited to try this. Unfortunately ... rather disappointed. Maybe just not our style.